World Events… January 14, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


In 2008 world events will be dominated by the Middle East. Iran will finally agree on another country monitoring their energy program. You have plenty of time before Iran develops a nuclear weapon. Although they will say they have abandoned development of a nuclear weapon, development will carry on in secret. (NEWS proof) President Musharraf will leave office under pressure from internal factions. A new president will not be as friendly to the U.S. as Musharraf was. The new president will not be as tolerant with the U.S. entering Western Pakistan. Al Qaeda will continue to train and hide there. Afghanistan will have increased problems with the Taliban.

When you get more than 50 miles outside of Kabul, the Taliban will rule the countryside. Afghanistan will become the war that everyone forgot about. In Iraq, the Iraqi government will take over the security of the country in late 2008. This will prompt the withdrawal of U.S. troops by more than half. Civil war will erupt and last for two years, at which point the country will come to an agreement that the three main factions, the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds should live in separate areas. A neutral government will be set up in Baghdad, where the oil riches that fund the country will be divided up among the three groups. Each area will have a capital and will administer local government. The next president of the U.S. will look at the Middle East and finally admit that democracy as we know it doesn’t work there. Although some areas have elections that are democratic, the U.S. doesn’t like who the people voted for; for example, in Palestine, where Hamas was democratically elected. The private contractors that worked in the Middle East will be brought here to protect our borders and work for Homeland Security. The private contractors will have an army, a navy and an air force. These contractors will be put to work because of the losses in our military, and a lack of new recruits.

QUESTION: Do we need to fear Iran having a nuclear weapon?

ANSWER: Too much ‘tension’ is paid to Iran developing a nuclear weapon. They lack the facilities and talent to do more than struggle at it. They will meet many setbacks along the way and not become a nuclear threat in the next 25 years.

QUESTION: Will the U.S. troop pullout of Iraq be timed to coincide with the Presidential election?

ANSWER: Yes and so President Bush can look good on the way out.

QUESTION: When our troops do start to come home from Iraq, how will that further affect our declining economy in the U.S.?

ANSWER: Troops returning home and the existing military will not be able to find jobs. This will be another burden on the economy. They will, however, be employable by the private contractors and may take this route as a last resort.

QUESTION: Do we have to fear the growth of a private military here in the U.S. that could become dominate?

ANSWER: The private contractors in the military will be asked to patrol borders, provide security for special events and interests, and to assist with training. An American will have a choice of joining the traditional military or joining the private contractors. However, private contractors will in most cases, require previous military experience.

QUESTION: What will be the motivation for the individual person to go to work for a private contractor once qualified?

ANSWER: The most compelling reason will be the pay. The pay will be two or three times than they could make in the military. Secondly, the private contractors will have better weapons and equipment. They will be silently funded by corporations with an interest in security and favors in the future.

QUESTION: How will this new division of factions in Iraq function, and how long will it last?

ANSWER: Although the riches of the country are not divided equally, it will take co-operation among all three areas to prosper. This will be more of a forced co-operation rather than a voluntary agreement. This arrangement will happen by its self out of necessity and last as long as oil is the dominate commodity in the world.

QUESTION: When will oil no longer be the dominant commodity in the world?

ANSWER: Oil will continue to be the currency of the greedy. Each time that another alternative energy source looks promising and starts to gather steam, new oil fields surprisingly appear.

QUESTION: How will the average U.S. citizen feel about the new presence of private contractors?

ANSWER: The average citizen wants to feel safe and doesn’t care who does it. The shift to a private army will bring a new level of efficiency to a military body. The U.S. military is a government-run operation. The private contractors are a business and are run for a profit. The efficiency of capitalistic market in anything is always better than relying on any government to run things.


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