Politics… February 18, 2008

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Politics is a different type of pressure. (NEWS proof)  The pressure to be politically correct often overshadows the need to be honest.  People have gotten away from telling things the way they should and sugar coating them in order not to offend anyone.  This process has caused many problems in the last twenty years.  When political correctness gets in the way of what needs to be said to move forward in an honest fashion, then the political correctness is wrong.  Is it politically correct to say or do something that is unfair to any person or group it affects?  Very soon politicians will need to abandon political correctness and replace it with political rightness.  The continued focus on who or what gets harmed or slighted when some politician attempts to get something done must become something from the past.

What is more important, the truthful path or the seemingly correct path?  All decisions require weighing the pros and cons of the outcome.  What is best for the country?  Is the goal to please everyone, or is the goal to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to excel and thrive.  This pattern of political correctness has harmed the progress of politics as well as the ability for people to accept the obvious and the truth.  It is not unlike coddling children and never having them experience anything bad.  Not all kids can win the big game or always be the one who comes out on top.  In every competition, there is a party that wins and another that doesn’t.  Does this mean that they lost or are losers?  Not necessarily.  In the past, the winner learned to accept winning graciously and the losing team learned even more.  They learned good sportsmanship, good teamwork leads to better performance, and how practice makes you better in any situation.  When you take these lessons away from children or adults in favor of political correctness, then you have cheated both sides.  It will be interesting to watch the coming presidential elections.  One candidate will particularly be exposed to opinions and positions that not everyone thinks are popular.  However, once these positions are explained in depth, people who were originally offended will see that it is the correct path to follow as it brings the most good to the most people.  The balance between being politically correct and politically right is something that must be taught and learned for the survival of any political system.

QUESTION: What is the difference between political correctness and favoring special interests?

ANSWER: The government was designed of and by the people.  When this focus is lost, then it opens the doors to outside influences like special interest groups that alter the government and its laws to favor them.  If things were on an equal playing field then these special interest groups would not exist in government.  The fact that these groups contribute so much money to politicians makes them prone to bribery groups and the reasons why there is so much corruption in governments worldwide.

QUESTION: How can you have political rightness in a system with so much corruption?

ANSWER: Political rightness starts with you.  It is a frame of mind that allows for all types of situations to work out fairly for the largest group involved.  If this mentality is instilled in people when they are young, then when they become politicians, it will be part of their character.  It has been a characteristic lacking in most politicians over the last forty years.

QUESTION: One of the major issues facing America has to do with the status of illegal aliens.  What would be the “politically right” thing to do?

ANSWER: The pilgrims were illegal aliens.  Every ethnic group that followed were illegal aliens.  These groups were assimilated into a country’s laws and structure.  It is not the issue that illegal aliens are here.  The issue is that there has been no structure put in place to make them productive members of our country.

QUESTION: Why has there not been a structure put in place to assimilate these people?

ANSWER: It is due to a country whose people have been over-generous about these immigrants.  Before this problem can be solved, there must be a solution outside of political correctness that addresses the loopholes in the system, creates structure within the immigration laws, and also addresses the greed of all involved.

QUESTION: What would be your solution to the healthcare crisis in America?

ANSWER: The healthcare crisis has been created by the media and the pharmaceutical industry.  Gone are the days of the small-town doctor who actually did you some good.  The only solution is for people to realize that they are responsible for their own health and that education is key to a healthy life.  Health is one subject that you won’t find in schools anymore.  They still teach trigonometry but not how to care for your body.  Schools should be required to teach healthy responsibility for your body and support that teaching with good healthy food.


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