Higher Intelligence & Intuition… March 30, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof)  What is the difference in the types of intelligence?  Can anyone tap into higher intelligence and how do they know when they have?  Are higher intelligence moments only reserved for some?  Is higher intelligence something that is out there for anyone to access, or is it an individual thing that occurs in the mind?   Each person has basic intelligence.  This is the intelligence you use to analyze a situation logically.  You apply this intelligence without thinking about it and you use it all the time.  Also, you have emotional intelligence that allows you to attach emotions to a situation.  The type of emotional intelligence you apply to a logical situation decides how you respond.  If you logically analyze a situation and then apply the wrong emotion, it doesn’t mean that your logic was flawed.  What it means is that you attached the wrong emotion to the situation, or reacted without using logical intelligence again.  Higher intelligence is the next level.  You experience higher intelligence when you have one of those aha moments.

You become temporarily flooded by a new understanding of something or a situation.  While regular intelligence allows you to evaluate the situation, and emotional intelligence allows you to attach an emotion to a situation, higher intelligence allows you to create a new situation.  Give yourself the opportunity to bring in higher intelligence by opening up your clogged mind arteries.  Just as your blood pumps through the body and returns, higher intelligence can flow through your spirit and circulate.  You must start by recognizing which kind of intelligence you are using any time.  Is it logical and repetitive from the past, or is it emotional, and what type of emotion are you attaching to the situation?  Or is it something new that you created and you now feel different?  So far, have you learned something new?  If you can’t learn to be accepting of new things, then higher intelligence will evade you.  You can’t just wish for higher intelligence.  Higher intelligence finds you and becomes an expanded part of your essence, only after a deliberate action to have it be present.  When you hear us speak, which level of intelligence are you accessing?  Do you try to figure us out logically, or attach an emotion that is clouded by your past biases, or do you see that something new is being integrated into your life?  Everything that you learn or create comes from intelligence.  How much you learn or create comes from your heart.

QUESTION: “How much you learn or create comes from your heart”,  I guess that has to do with your passion for whatever you are doing?

ANSWER: Passion is just another word for your amount of desire.

QUESTION: Why not just apply logical intelligence and leave the emotions out of decision making?

ANSWER: That’s desirable and often happens at the aha moments.

QUESTION: What is really happening inside of you at the aha moment?

ANSWER: What happens at an aha moment is that you have abandoned all expectations and pre-conclusions, and a new reality has been experienced.

QUESTION: What do we need to do to allow higher intelligence to come in and help create a better world?

ANSWER: Mankind is stuck because of his conclusions from the past and expectations of the future.  Higher intelligence can only come through in the present.  Now is the time for creativity, as always.

QUESTION: Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem on the same level from which it was created”.  Was Einstein wired to higher intelligence?

ANSWER: Most problems never become resolved, because the same emotions or logical thinking are present.  A solution usually requires a new creative answer.  The ability to discover or create this answer is relative to your ability to abandon the past and ignore the future and only create in the present.

QUESTION: Explain what we are doing when we use “Ask the Universal Channel?”

ANSWER: You are not expecting a certain answer and therefore have not tried to think it through logically, nor have you attached an emotion to a logical expectation that doesn’t exist.


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