The Environment … March 31, 2008

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What has happened to man? Has he has supposedly become smarter?  The environment has become an issue where people talk green but when it comes to stepping up, they aren’t green at all.  It has become a choice between green and profit or convenience.  Do you save the birds or chop down the forest?  Do you pollute the air more through power plants or do you allow the cost of utilities to run rampant?  Do you buy an electric car or do you buy the gas hog with a $5000 rebate?  Have you been in a position lately to choose for the environment?  Most people think that what they do as an individual doesn’t have much effect.  There are many ways, even small that contribute to a better environment.  What can you do right now in order to help save resources?

You can start by watching your consumption of electricity.  How many times do you leave lights on unnecessarily?  You can turn your thermostat up or down just a little to acclimate to a warmer or colder environment gradually.  Be careful not to waste water and recycle as much rainwater as you can.  Use it in your garden, or to wash your car.  When you wash clothes, use only cold or warm water.  Only do laundry when you have a full load.  Use the newer, more efficient light bulbs.  Generate less waste.  Try to buy locally grown foods so as to eliminate long-distance transportation costs.  You should plan your trips in the car and eliminate the unnecessary short trips.  You have many ways to help your environment and they are all easy and right around you.  You can’t expect big corporations to solve the environmental issues.  When it becomes a choice between green and the “other” green, profit wins out.  You will see, however, Honda and Toyota become the world leaders in responsible transportation for the environment..

QUESTION: Is it going to be the cost of energy that will ultimately cause people to go green?

ANSWER: No.  Electricity will be generated by alternate means in order to be green, but at a cost. 

QUESTION: When will it become feasible for people who live in sunny areas to switch to solar?

ANSWER: When the next generation of solar panels that are thin and stick to surfaces become cost effective.

QUESTION: Can you be more specific as to the time frame?

ANSWER: Solar conversion will become popular by 2012.

QUESTION: Who will be the leader of these new solar technologies?

ANSWER: SunTech Power and First Solar.

QUESTION: What age group will be the most effective in bringing about green environmental changes?

ANSWER: Not so much a particular age group, but the Native Americans will have a huge impact on using solar energy and wind.  The Native Americans have a tradition based respect for the earth and the sky.  They would ritualize anything that affected the environment.  When they hunted and killed an animal they would thank the spirits and utilize everything from the animal. (NEWS proof)   You will see reservations run on solar and wind power.

QUESTION: What will Toyota and Honda do that will set them apart when it comes to going green?

ANSWER: They will openly work with states and local governments to convert fleets to electricity and fuel cells.  The American car companies have resisted working toward a green platform because of the control of the oil companies.


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