Stock Market… March 23, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


The new moon will bring a breath of optimism to the stock market.  There will be a feeling of bullishness and recovery.  This will last for about three weeks and then, more negative news will creep back into the market.  The dollar will stage a short-term rally and everyone will get bullish.  The financial sector will experience extreme volatility for the month.  News about one of the major banks will affect the entire sector and only a few stocks will be unaffected in a material way.  (NEWS proof) You will hear about other investment banks that have liquidity problems that they haven’t admitted before.  These investment banks will cause a shock in the banking industry around the world.  New information will surface that these U.S. investment banks have sold securities to foreign banks.

(NEWS proof)  These foreign banks will then call foul and blame the U.S. for the worldwide economic problems.  As an investor or trader with spring here, you are in the beginning of the AG farming season.  The talk will be about farmers not being able to plant enough and futures prices rising even more.  This will drive up the fertilizer stocks and the AG related stocks.  The problems that the world will face over the next 18 months is not enough grains.  Have a long term position in ag-related stocks this month and through the summer.  Combine the lack of enough grain with the summer drought in many areas, and you could see grain prices move up 50%.  Feeding the world and with much grain being diverted to bio-fuels, you will experience a huge problem for people who just want to eat.  Any company related to agriculture will do well this year.

QUESTION: What do you expect the market to do between now and the new moon?

ANSWER: Over the next two weeks, you will have high volatility on Wednesday and Friday.  Monday will be a new week of worry over financials and people will be looking and hoping for a bottom in metals.  Funds are waiting to jump back into metals when the price is right.  You should be cautious as an investor these two weeks and not go into a full position without hearing all the news.  If you are going long, then go in thirds.  If you are going short, go in halves.

QUESTION: What do you mean by a short-term rally in the dollar?

ANSWER: There will be new hope in the dollar for about three weeks.

QUESTION: Please expand on the major bank as well as the investment bank problems in the U.S.?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) Wachovia Bank will have bad news a short on Merrill Lynch would be good.

QUESTION: How will the reaction of the foreign banks affect America?

ANSWER: America will be blamed for foreign economy’s troubles.  American tourists will not be welcome anywhere.

QUESTION: How deeply will this anti-American sentiment around the world affect America?

ANSWER: You will see America go through a period of protectionism and withdrawal from the rest of the world.

QUESTION: How long will this last?

ANSWER: Over the next 4 years, you will see Americans become more sensitive to foreign comments.  This will cause a new era of Americanism at home.

QUESTION: Explain Americanism?

ANSWER: There will be a new pride in all things American.  With this and the lack of jobs, you will see an increase in people joining the military.

QUESTION: What AG related stocks will be good plays in the upcoming quarter?

ANSWER: Fertilizer stocks and John Deere.


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