Higher Intelligence & Intuition… April 27, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof)  On man’s journey towards higher intelligence, there are four thought-controlled processes that come into play. Man cannot help but to physically live in the now.  The now is the only state the body can live in.  The body does not live in the past nor does it live in the future, only the present.  If this is so, then why is it so difficult for the human spirit to live in the now?  Man allows thought to determine where the spirit lives.  Attention and intention are two thought processes that come into play when creating the now experience.  Your body is living in the now, but your mind can be elsewhere depending on where your attention is directed.  If you become distracted and your attention is diverted from concentrating on the now, you lose the experience of the present.  Ideally, man should focus his attention on what it is that he wants to have happen in the moment.  Once you can focus your attention in the moment, you follow through with intention to create your present reality.  However, there are two other thought derived processes that get in the way.  One is reflection.

Reflection is thinking and concentrating on the past.  When you reflect on the past, you can experience many things in the present.  If you reflect on joyful now moments you created, then although you can never achieve that same moment again, you can experience the joy of that moment.  However, man tends not to use reflection to his advantage.  Most people reflect on the negative things that have happened to them or situations where they felt that they were a victim.  By dwelling on the negative past, it is difficult to create a joyous present.  Another thought derived process is projection.  People use reflection to summon up negative things from the past and then they project them into the future.  This only sets up a repeat of negativity that has been experienced already.  If you dwell on negativity from the past, and then project it as worry about the future, you have missed the opportunity to create a joyous present.  Be careful not to confuse the methods by which you create your present reality.  Attention is to be paid to the present moment and followed by intention to create what’s best for you in the now.  By allowing reflection and projection to overshadow attention and intention, you will never become what you could have become.

QUESTION: What does the body tell the person in the present moment?

ANSWER: The body is the anchor that allows creativity a place to reside in this life.

QUESTION: Does the body have to die?

ANSWER: The physical elements of the body perish, but the spiritual entity that crosses over still sees themselves in that body.

QUESTION: How long does the spiritual entity experience the image of the physical body after death?

ANSWER: As long as the body is part of the creative process happening with that spiritual entity. It is only when the spirit evolves to a higher state that the body becomes old technology.

QUESTION: When someone still having a physical experience sees a person who has crossed over and it appears as if they are physical what is happening?

ANSWER: The appearance of spirits who have passed-over is done in such a way that people having a physical experience in the now can understand and relate to.

QUESTION: When you have a flying dream and you no longer need a physical apparatus or clothing to fly freely what does that mean?

ANSWER: You no longer see or feel the need to have something dragging you down like gravity does in the physical world. The fact that you see yourself flying naked is a manifestation of your desire to be accepted as you are.

QUESTION: Is it possible to dematerialize and then reappear in other locations while you are in physical form?

ANSWER: It is not a situation where you are in one place or the other. From a quantum level, you can be in many places at once.

QUESTION: When you travel in thought and intention or practice remote viewing in a specific location is some part of you traveling there or is the location coming to you?

ANSWER: This is not an easy answer to understand. It is like when you are dreaming. Are you actually there or are you creating the location in your mind? The difference is that when you are remote viewing you are awake and it is more difficult to make the connection.

QUESTION: How do people go about remembering why they are here and what their purpose is so that they get back on track?

ANSWER: It is basic human nature not to be focused and organized. Most people live a life of self-destruction instead of self-direction. People allow themselves to reflect and project instead of concentrating on the only thing they can control the present.


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