Technology… April 26, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


Evolution of technology is happening quickly.  You have to experience the advances that will be coming to completely understand how they will revolutionize technology.  Therefore, some of the things we talk about may be hard to understand.  The biggest change coming is human interface to computers.  The days of a keyboard and mouse will change forever.  One of the drawbacks to mobile technology is all the equipment you must take with you when you travel.  With the advancement in new surface technology, you will be able to eliminate taking a notebook computer with you.  Your current notebook computer will be many times more powerful and much smaller. (NEWS proof)   The operational parts of a portable PC will be reduced to a size about like a large pen.  This pen computer will clip into your pocket.  Once you want to use it, you will stand it up and when you turn it on and it boots and connects wirelessly to the internet, it will provide its own input and interface devices via light.  In one direction, it will project a keyboard onto the tabletop.  In the other direction, it will project a screen.  You will type on the tabletop and what you are typing will be projected from the pen onto a wall.

This unit will be possible once battery technology is at the point where it can generate enough power for the light projection as well as the power to run the PC.  Once this type of technology becomes affordable, the notebook computer will become a dinosaur.  An offshoot of this type of technology will be the ability to hook up peripheral equipment to it in the field and project an image.  This type of technology will be critical in the medical field for assessing damages to a person at an accident scene.  All projected information will be simultaneously sent to the hospital so preparations can be made.  This type of technology will not only be convenient but will save lives..

QUESTION: When will the change of human interfaces with computers become main-stream?

ANSWER: You already have seen changes in the way people interface with computers.  The mouse was one advance that has evolved to wireless mice and keyboards.  Another advance has been touch screen technology, another is voice command technology, and these all seemed revolutionary at the time.  It is therefore not hard to make a jump to where you don’t have to use these devices in their physical form.  If they can be projected onto a special surface you can use them anywhere.  This type of technology is being worked on now, and you will start to see it over the next two years.

QUESTION: There are current developments in gaming where the user is hooked to a virtual computer and requires no wires to interact with the computer.  What potential to do you see for this so-called thought power?

ANSWER: Thought power is different from simulation.  The games that are played via wireless devices have been programmed to mimic motion.  True thoughts cannot be preprogrammed, but must be processed as they happen.

QUESTION: What is the future for thought powered technology, and when?

ANSWER: Thought powered technology is here today. (NEWS proof) There are experiments with monkeys happening where they can control objects with thought. 

QUESTION: In this technology, what will be the difference between thought and intuition?

ANSWER: Intuition is part of the decision-making process.  People choose to use it or not.  The end thought is made up of many inputs.  It will be a technology that is used for many applications from the military to handicapped people.

How will this technology apply to remote viewers?

ANSWER: Remote viewers are antennas that receive rather than project.  Thought powered technology is projecting a thought to achieve a purpose.

QUESTION: How will this thought technology change the current browser experience?

ANSWER: You will find that when using thought powered technology, you must be very clear and specific in your thoughts.  For example, if you want to ask about how to grow tulips, you must not just think about tulips or you could get images of Holland.

QUESTION: What will this surface technology consist of?

ANSWER: Light and photo-sensitive material.  It could be a table top or a thin pad you roll out onto a desk.

QUESTION: What will people need to overcome to get the best out of this thought technology?

ANSWER: Thinking clearly is not a normal action.  People tend to go in the direction that their fears push them.

QUESTION: In order for people to overcome their fear which separates them from clear thinking, what will they need to do?

ANSWER: First they will need to learn how to communicate truthfully with themselves. 


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