Global Weather & Earth Changes… April 13, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


People don’t realize just how much the changes in global weather affect the economies of the world and inflation.  We have spoken before of global warming and its effects on the seasons and future effects on geographies.  However, the changes in geographies will be slow coming, but the effects that the weather has on economies will show up soon.  You have already seen that the price of food is skyrocketing.  Over the next few years, starting this year, the effects of global warming will be seen at the grocery store.  Areas that have begun to experience droughts will have more severe droughts. This will further reduce crop yields, driving up the prices, and this will be while demand is rising.

You will see areas that have had too much rain and flooding to have even more rain.  The extremes will be not enough rain and way too much rain.  Some of the areas experiencing too much rain are agricultural areas.  Too much rain can strangle some crops and another problem of too much rain is that the equipment used for farming will not be able to get through the mud.  This will cause many problems, again driving up the cost of grains.  (NEWS proof) You will see too much rain in the northern hemisphere, particularly in the U.S.  Not enough rain will be a problem in the south and southwest U.S, some parts of South America, and most of southern Africa.  Also, the Middle East will suffer from lack of rain.  This pattern of changes due to global warming will cause food prices to reach their highest ever.  This disruption of weather patterns will be the main contributor to a long chain of events affecting the entire world.  

QUESTION: Will there be mass migrations as a result of these droughts?

ANSWER: Although some people will move because of the weather conditions, most will not.  Also, people are tied down to areas where their families are.  You see all the time, people whose home gets flooded, and they stay.  You must remember that people have strong ties to certain geographic areas, and it will take more than severe weather changes to uproot them.

QUESTION: Knowing that the Great Lakes are one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world wouldn’t that benefit the economies in this region as the world runs short of water?

ANSWER: The Great Lakes will always be a reservoir of fresh water to use if needed.  The desalination of salt water projects will be accelerated.  The southwest U.S. will be the beneficiary of desalination.  However, rivers that dry up and other bodies of water used for hydroelectric power generation will be a problem when they run dry.

QUESTION: What is the solution to the heavy farming equipment problem in the over-saturated fields?

ANSWER: With a lack of field workers, due to stricter immigration enforcement, you will see crops rotting in the fields. 

QUESTION: What is the solution to this dilemma?

ANSWER: Work gangs from prisons will man the fields. 

QUESTION: What is the potential for perennial crops?

ANSWER: While genetically modified seeds hold promise for greater yields, the harm to mankind has yet to be revealed.

QUESTION: What will be the harm caused by these GMO’s, and when will it start to show up in humans?

ANSWER: The future will show that GMO’S interfered with the human DNA and caused birth defects.  These problems will show up in your lifetime.  

QUESTION: What are the GMO foods responsible for altering the human DNA?

ANSWER: The most negative effects will come from experimental seeds sold to third world countries.  These seeds will be the most needed grains, like corn, wheat, and rice.  These new GMO’S are different from hybrid seeds which were combinations of existing seed structures because these GMO’s have had their DNA altered. 

QUESTION: So the question is, should we discontinue genetic modification altogether or is there a better way of determining the potential effects on human DNA?

ANSWER: There are several issues in that question.  Why do companies modify seeds, is one question.  The answer is that corporate greed drives the business.  If modified or chemically treated food was better for you, then why do people seek out organic food?  You can taste the difference in organic foods, and they are more nutritious.  Don’t confuse nutrition and good food with business.


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