TERRORISM - Lax security invites terrorism


Terrorism… May 14, 2008

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Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. (NEWS proof)  There is a class of terrorists that you would not normally think of as terrorists.  That’s because they are economic terrorists.  These people are the politicians and corporate bosses, special interest groups, lobbyists, and deal makers that work behind the scenes.  There are more lobbyists just for the pharmaceutical industry than there are congressmen.  Each congressman has more than one lobbyist from the drug industry working with them.  These pharmaceutical companies have bought off every politician that stands in their way of getting laws changed or passed.   It works the same for the oil companies and energy cartels. 

(NEWS proof)Working together in this fashion has created a new class of predators.  These terrorists are ruining the economy, and your health and wealth.  More and more diseases are invented, and then a pill is discovered.  These new drugs get pushed through the FDA’s process and put into the marketplace faster than ever before.  Millions of dollars are spent to market these drugs.  More money is spent marketing these drugs than researching them.  All drug companies lie about how much they spend on research.  They tend to lie by 80 percent.  If they say they spent 500 million dollars to develop a drug, chances are they spent 100 million.  This is how they fund their marketing and get Americans to buy the drugs for 5 to 10 times more than they are sold in other countries.  The oil companies lobby politicians and pay them to pass favorable legislation.  Most are afraid of Americans becoming comfortable with alternative ways to get around.  None of them want to see electric cars catch on unless they can find a way to charge Americans $20 every time they recharge their car.  This is the main reason that alternative vehicles have been held down and development squashed.  These new terrorists are as dangerous as any other terrorists, and more dangerous than most.  Their actions cause entire classes or countries to suffer.  Then these terrorists align themselves with Christian backed politicians who do nothing but un-Christian acts.  This entire predatory class will be the destruction of the American economic system as you have known it.

QUESTION: Is special interest terrorism that you have spoken of here the number one threat to the U.S. economy and its citizenry?

ANSWER: That is a complex question.  All governments are corrupt, some more so than others.  The economic terrorists have a doctrine of consumption that is driven by greed.  This consumption machine tells you what to wear, what to eat, what to drive, and what drugs you need for diseases you didn’t know you had.  The entire system works by fear and jealousy.  You want a nicer car like your neighbor,   a nicer home like your friends.     You want to buy designer clothes and designer pills.  The excesses in your life that were programmed into you by the media have now started to have their destructive consequences.  People want a magic pill that makes them lose weight, brings their cholesterol down, makes them sleep better, makes them feel better, and many other things.  The amount of pills seniors take is the source of most of their ailments.  The government can control your well being with fear.  In the name of imposing freedom and democracy on the other side of the world, it takes away freedom and democracy here at home.

QUESTION: Please clarify how our freedom and democracy at home is threatened by imposing freedom and democracy on the other side of the world?

ANSWER: You were told that if we didn’t go and fight the terrorist there, they would come here.  That was a lie.  Soon, Americans believed that imposing our style of government on another country was a good idea.  Since the government uses fear to get the people to do things, they can take away rights and privileges, and the average person won’t complain.  People look to the government in hopeless times for the answers and tend to believe anything.

QUESTION: Is this just U.S. based or does this terrorism affect other countries as well?

ANSWER: This type of terrorism knows no boundaries.  The powerful people of the world plan together to manipulate all.

QUESTION: Are we entering a time when people will be more apt to give up their personal freedoms because of the economic situation?

ANSWER: People may not want to give up freedoms, but will be forced to do things that they don’t want to do because of economic situations.  If you can’t afford fuel or transportation, then you are not mobile and are contained.  If food is scarce, then you will do anything to eat.  By the time you realize how bad things are, it will be too late and the class separation will have already taken effect.

QUESTION: What will turn the tide on these pharmaceutical terrorists that will expose them and stop them once and for all?

ANSWER: They are occasionally exposed when one of their drugs kills a lot of people and is taken off the market.  However, these companies will never stop inventing diseases and causing diseases due to their product side effects.  One pill can cure one thing and cause many more.  The next frontier for these drug companies is drugs delivered through sophisticated technologies.

QUESTION: Are there any pharmaceutical companies that are coming from the right place in terms of helping humanity instead of exploiting them?

ANSWER: There are no non-profit drug companies.  However, the future will be different when the drug companies combine their knowledge of chemicals with the power of the human mind and heart.

QUESTION: Is what you are describing here, more like alternative medicine working in conjunction with drugs?

ANSWER: Not like alternative medicine as you know it today.  There will be drugs that are only effective when you will them to be effective in your body.  The desire and intention will be the catalyst.


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