Higher Intelligence & Intuition… June 28, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof)  We have spoken many times about higher intelligence and man’s ability to tap into it.  Most of the time, man taps into it accidentally.  People have that moment when they say “Aha” and have a moment of clarity.  They are not sure where that moment came from, nor do they realize what happened.  Since higher intelligence is always available to be utilized, then why don’t more people understand it and how to use it?  You can learn to use and develop your intuition very easily if you follow a few steps.  First, when you have a situation or issue in your life that you can’t decide which way to go, this is the perfect time to ask higher intelligence for help.  Write down the situation you are facing and think about the best-desired outcome.  Once you have identified and written down the situation, write down your first inclination on how to achieve the result you want.  Think about this first inclination, and then breathe.  Not long after you get this first inclination or hunch or gut feel response, you will probably get a series of what you call second guesses.  The first-second guess will probably be one that explains why your first inclination won’t work.  Write it down under your first inclination. 

Next, you probably will get another second guess.  Write this one down also.  Following this process, you may come up with many second guesses that try to negate your first inclination.  For purposes of learning, it is not important which one you follow, just that you make a decision and follow either your first inclination or one of the second guesses.  Next, you must write down and chronicle the actual result of following your decision.  Did it solve the challenge in a positive way, or when you look back at your list, was there a better path to follow in order to gain a better result.  Most times, you will discover that one of your other choices may have been better.  Now, measure that choice against your first inclination.  Was it the same?  Was your first inclination the one you didn’t give much thought to the best solution to the problem?  If you do this several times, you will be able to develop your intuition and steer away from trying to address challenges through intellect.  Man can always seem to reason and justify things, the more they think about it.  The problem is that intuition is instantaneous and figuring things out through intellect can take much time.  Keep this log of how you make decisions and see if you can trust your intuition that comes from higher intelligence, or if you will continue to rationalize and try to figure things out by second guessing yourself..

QUESTION:  In our world, knowing that the news information stream is extremely unreliable, is this a time when leaning on your intuition is more important than any other time in history?

ANSWER: The news and rumors you hear in the media are what causes many of your second guesses.  Some people feel the need for others to make their decisions for them.  Most have never tapped into their own decision-making abilities.

QUESTION: And you, those that are speaking to us right now, how do you play into our higher intelligence and intuition?

ANSWER:  We, as your guides, never give you second guesses.  Why would that be necessary?  Who do you think plants the first inclination into your mind?  However, most people end up blaming their first inclination rather than acting on it.  They say things like “I knew I should have done it that way”.  When will they learn to trust?

QUESTION: Trust who?

ANSWER: Trust yourself.  We have said before that you are your own guru and “Gee U R U.”

QUESTION: You are implying that the first inclination is “suggested” to us by “higher intelligence?”

ANSWER: Intuition is the ability to make a decision without reasoning.  It is man’s process of reasoning that gets him in trouble.  The correct answer is always known before the problem exists.

QUESTION: Is intuition a collective effort or is it entirely an individual process?

ANSWER: Intuition is part of a collectively generated thought.  It is when you try to rethink or alter this thought that you allow intellect to take over.  Intellect is a personal process.

QUESTION: How does all of this relate to making good decisions with relationships?

ANSWER: With regard to relationships and first impressions, you must look at attraction as an element that figures into the decision to pursue a relationship with someone.  Attraction is very powerful and cannot be avoided.  However, attraction can be positive or negative.  Some people are attracted to certain types of people.  Others are attracted to the arts, others are attracted to science, and still others are attracted to crime.  Attraction is a very powerful influence, but it is not to be confused with clear decision making.


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