Global Weather & Earth Changes… June 15, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


There are pluses and minuses to weather changes.  As global warming takes effect, there are consequences that are negative and some that are positive.  The ice caps at both poles are sliding back toward the poles and are not as thick as they were before.  This means that the water runoff from these ice caps and nearby glaciers is diminishing.  Areas that depended on runoff for irrigation and living will continue to suffer as the ice retreats.  However, as the weather warms up and ice retreats to the poles, there are plants that can now grow nearer the poles.  They have basically expanded the regions in which they can grow.  Animals too will move toward the poles where they couldn’t survive before.  The global warming can be seen in weather patterns that have been developing over the last 50 to 100 years.  Spring comes earlier now than it did 100 years ago.

Also, there are early bouts of extremely warm weather that you never saw in spring before.  It is still not summer and look at all the warm weather that has occurred already.  With the warm seasons expanding, the weather patterns will expand and increase as well.  You could usually see tornadoes happen in the warm summer weather, but this year there have been more tornadoes and tornado casualties than ever before.  Not only has the tornado season expanded but the hurricane season will also be expanded this year.  Hurricanes are tornados with water.  They are affected by the cold jet streams of air that help prevent them.  As the jet streams move north, there is a warming of the waters, and more hurricanes.  Not only more, but the hurricanes will travel further north than before.  As hurricanes hit land they lose their water and many times turn into tornados.  Wind and water are symbolic of the breath of the universe which is the wind and the water indicates purification of the land.  Water is the fertilizer of the universe.  When certain areas of the world need new life breathed into them, or need to be cleansed of certain concentrations of negative energy, wind and water will react to carry out natures plan. 

QUESTION: What will happen to the polar bears when these changes occur at the poles?

ANSWER: Polar bears will eventually become extinct.

QUESTION: What about the salmon?

ANSWER: Changing weather patterns will affect many species.  Their mating patterns and seasons will be disrupted.  Many will thrive due to longer periods when they can remain in a specific locale and others will suffer when the gestation patterns are disrupted.

QUESTION:  (NEWS proof)  What really happened with the honey bees?

ANSWER: Honey bees were stricken with an illness that killed off almost 80% of them. 

QUESTION: What was the disease and will their population recover?

ANSWER: The illness was caused by chemicals they ingested which made it difficult to properly digest food.  They will gradually rebuild their ranks over 3 to 4 years.

QUESTION: What chemicals were responsible for this? 

ANSWER: The same chemicals that were designed to protect the bees caused the illness.

QUESTION: With this year’s hurricane season, what will be the effect on oil prices?

ANSWER: With more hurricanes, will come more disruption of offshore rigs.  The hurricanes will surprise Americans by targeting cities further north than ever before.

QUESTION: What is the update on earthquake and possible tsunami activity in the northwest?

ANSWER: Tsunami like waves coming soon to the Pacific Northwest and earthquakes that will be felt all the way to Alaska. 


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