The Environment … July 23, 2008

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(NEWS proof)  Man will not be able to live a quality life if the environmental issues are not addressed.  Man must have a plan for the environment going forward.  The first part of the plan addresses pollution.  Pollution that already exists must be cleared up.  Cleaning the environment and getting rid of the existing pollution is the first step.  Next, there must be a plan for zero pollution in the future.  Once the environment is cleaned, then you will not want to re-pollute it.  Next, the plan must address the areas of protection.  A plan must be implemented to protect the air, the water, and the land.  Great caution must be given to not pollute the water supply.  Also, countries around the world must agree not to pollute the air.  Next, the land must be protected from starvation and only be used to grow proper crops in healthy ways. 

The next part of the plan addresses energy.  A plan must be put in place to source clean renewable energy as well as alternate forms of energy and power.  The development of alternate energy sources must be in line with the goals to clean up the air and keep it clean.  You will find that large corporations will hinder the transition to alternate sources of fuel and energy, due to their greed.  The fourth part of the plan must deal with ways to protect the delicate ecosystems of the world.  These ecosystems provide the future of many medicines and much knowledge about things we have doubted or done wrong.  This four-part plan, clean up pollution, protect the air, land, and water, develop an alternate energy plan, and protecting the ecosystem, must all work together or man will find himself without a decent home.

QUESTION: How long will your four step plan take to implement?

ANSWER: The plan will unfold gradually over the next 22 years.

QUESTION: Al Gore suggested we are running thin on our time to save the environment.  Please comment?

ANSWER: Only because he has made it his life’s work is he so passionate.  He sees that we should have started doing something many years ago and now feels that we are short on time.  Not all environmental issues can be fully addressed at one time.  That is why some will happen sooner than others like alternate fuel for cars.

QUESTION: What do you think about T. Boone Pickens plan on energy?

ANSWER: Wind power is inexpensive and almost always there.  You will see giant wind farms in states with much flat lands and wind gusts.  You will also see many wind generators in rural areas.  Oceans provide two things, wind and constant wave motion.  Both can be used for energy generation.  The U.S. has an abundance of natural gas and should use it for powering fleets of cars and trucks.

QUESTION: Who is going to head up this four part plan in the world?

ANSWER: The plan will be implemented by multiple countries who all join the consortium.   The largest countries in the world and those that have the most to lose, will be first to join.  This consortium will start to form in 2010 and will be headquartered in Germany.


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