Sports & Wellness … July 27, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


All eyes will be on the Olympics in China this month.  The biggest challenge for the athletes will be the air quality.  Some teams will wear masks in order to breathe better.  It will be up to the individual sports and judges who gets to wear masks and who doesn’t.  Naturally, sports that occur indoors will not require masks, but the athletes will still be affected by the pollution.  They still must travel to get to the pavilion where their sport will take place.  Most of the outdoor sports will be affected by the air quality, not only the breathing problems, but eyes burning.  New technology has been installed to help with the pollution issues, but has a long way to go in order to correct the problems to any degree.  China’s athletes will excel since they are used to training in the polluted air.  Some athletes will not be able to finish due to air quality.

China will receive many gold medals since they are hosting and the pressure is on them to show the world how great their country is. (NEWS proof)  This year an athlete will break all previous gold medal records and win more gold medals than anyone ever before.  Chinese track stars will also shine.  The U.S. athletes will do well, but all you will hear about on TV is how they are combating the pollution.  The Chinese will show the world how to play table tennis.  There will also be some swimmers from China who do well but will not receive gold medals.  The occasion of the Olympics will also be a stage for political protests.  There will not be any violent protests, but there will be non-violent ones.  You will have to get extra sleep if you want to watch the Olympics as they are happening since China is exactly 12 hours different from the United States.  You will see many tired people walking around because the Olympics will be more exciting than most people can remember. A U.S. swimmer and a (NEWS proof) Chinese runner will make history.  Many world records will be shattered and new heroes crowned.

QUESTION: Will the Olympics have good attendance, and how will the spectators deal with the pollution?

ANSWER: The games will be sold out and many spectators will need medical care because of the pollution.

QUESTION: The Chinese market has recently had quite a correction. How will it fare once the Olympics are over?

ANSWER: Many investors will get a firsthand look at China and Chinese companies.  They will be impressed by the potential for huge growth , and when they return to their countries, invest in the ones that show strong promise;  Chinese technical and internet companies, also software development, and mobile communications.

QUESTION: Can you give us more information on the athlete that will break all previous gold medal records?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof)  It will be an American swimmer who excels both individually and on teams. 

QUESTION: What will be the most interesting factor that pertains to the Chinese economy as investment potential?

ANSWER: Investors will see a level of magnitude for things we now take for granted, like cellular phones, and American restaurants, and clothing styles that are designer oriented.


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