Higher Intelligence & Intuition… July 21, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof)   People have trouble tapping into their higher intelligence and intuition.  This is caused by inability to relax, breathe, and quiet down the constant inflow of messages coming in.  There are many ways to communicate.  You can communicate with your voice, your actions, your eyes, or your body language.  Sometimes, you can communicate with others through feelings and thought patterns.  The ability to communicate clearly through your thought patterns is something that you can learn, but many people doubt.  Your pets receive information intuitively or instinctively from the universe.  They know that when they receive a specific stimulus, they should be afraid and cautious.  Other times, they receive information telepathically about something that will happen shortly, like their owner was thinking about taking them for a walk.  Many times they will run to get the leash and bring it to you, just after you thought about it.  They can do this because they are more clear in their communication path.

In order to utilize your intuition better, you must first calm down the barrage of messages coming at you from all directions.  Try to relax in a quiet space and breathe.  If you are in doubt about something, you should ask the universe for assistance.  First, you must be clear about what it is you are asking for.  Be specific.  Always ask open-ended questions and not questions that could be answered yes or no.  This allows for much more energy to flow in to answer your question.  Next, you must be open to receiving an answer from many places.  You may not just wake up the next day and have the answer.   Some intuitive moments appear as fleeting images.  They may seem to pop into your head for only an instant and then go.  These fleeting images should not be overlooked, as they are just as important as a long stream of communication.  Next, you must not let personal bias or pre-judgment get in the way of your true answer.  Allowing past experience to hinder the clarity of the answer is to negate the information.  You will find that the more information you get, and the quality of the information you get, will soon lead to clarity in your decision making.  Once you get out of the way with your judgment and preconditioning, you will be able to accept intuitive responses as they appear.  You should also write down the responses to your questions that the universe provides, so you can come back later and check how reliable the process was.  Try this with a small experiment.  The next time you are lost driving, take a deep breath and ask the universe to provide you with a clear answer as to which way to go.  The first response you get will be the one you should follow.  If your intuition told you to turn right, then turn right.  Also, observe what other thoughts came into your head.  If right was the correct direction, then you will know that you can begin to trust your intuition rather than trying to reason things out.

QUESTION: Why would someone venture into a yes or no question, rather than just “ask the universe?”

ANSWER: Most people live in a black and white world and want yes or no answers.

QUESTION: How do people capture these fleeting intuitive images?

ANSWER: Most people ignore them and think that they had nothing to do with the answer they were looking for.  In order to recognize them when they appear, you must respond, “I wonder why I thought of that.”

QUESTION: Was it ‘I’ that thought of that?

ANSWER: What is the difference between expecting something and intuiting it?    If you expect something, you have already cleared the way for it to happen.  By using intuition and asking for something, you are wanting the way to be cleared.

QUESTION: How does prayer differ from asking?

ANSWER: Prayer is rooted in religion, and has been used as a form of hope when faced with a desperate situation.  Sometimes, prayers are repeated daily for years, and this just becomes a routine of false hope.  Rather than hoping for something from a position of desperation, you should visualize the path you want to take, and then ask the universe to clear the way.

QUESTION: How do people get around their personal biases and find the truth?

ANSWER: People can only find the truth once they learn to trust themselves and take responsibility for where they have evolved to on their journey.

QUESTION: How does the universe communicate with us in an ongoing natural way, to answer our questions?

ANSWER: The universe is always communicating with you since you are part of the universal consciousness.  However, you do not always accept the communication or aren’t aware of it.  The only way that you allow the information to reach you clearly, is through emptying out your mind in order to make room for the truth.


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