TERRORISM - Lax security invites terrorism


Terrorism… July 9, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


Terrorism will be one of the major problems for the new president.  Some terrorist groups will plan attacks to coincide with the inauguration.  The first thing on the agenda for the new president will be to respond to terrorist attacks.  This plan by Islamic terrorists will be to remind the new president that they have not gone away and will only continue to keep pressure on America until all troops are withdrawn from the Middle East.  You will see that many more suicide bombers will be striking in several places.  You will see an increase in terrorist activity in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Some of the attacks will be the work of Pakistani-backed groups.

(NEWS proof)  These groups are continuing to protest the Musharraf – Bush connection.  You will see them try to disrupt the government of Pakistan in order to remove Musharraf.  How many attacks will it take in Afghanistan to disrupt the U.S.’s attention in Iraq?  Terrorists like the Taliban are regaining control in the country.  Only the capital is now somewhat safe.  This is the target of increased violence and disruption of the government in Kabul.  The Islamic terrorists will use a strategy of multiple attack points to thin out the U.S.’s ability to respond to all areas.  When the U.S. sends more troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, then terrorist activity will pick up in Iraq, and vice versa.  This hit and run strategy will keep the troops off balance and ineffective.  These attacks are totally justifiable from the standpoint of the Muslims because they are considered to be defensive actions and not offensive actions.  When all foreigners are removed from their countries, only then will they stop the suicide bombings.  Until then, the U.S. and the new president will have their hands full with this increase in attacks.

QUESTION: Who do the major terrorist organizations want to see as president of the U.S. in 2009?

ANSWER: Terrorists would like to see Barack Obama become president rather than John McCain.  John McCain has a military mindset, and even though more Democratic presidents have started wars, Barack Obama would be their choice.

QUESTION:Will there be any major terrorist incidents in America just before the election?

ANSWER: Not in America.  But you will see terrorist tension at the Olympics.  Security at the Olympics will find problems in advance.

QUESTION: What percentage of terrorist attempts will be reported in the news?

ANSWER: 100 percent.  The large incidents will be world news, and even the smallest attempt that is thwarted will be glorified in the news as superior security.

QUESTION: Is there a political agenda by either of the presidential parties to manipulate the masses through fear just prior to the election?

ANSWER: George Bush manipulated the masses through fear tactics and he wants to be remembered as the president who protected America and only has one more chance to remind them.

QUESTION: And what would a likely scenario be?

ANSWER: George Bush wants to help John McCain become president.  He will do and say things to make Republicans look strong and protective of America, and Democrats look weak.  It is ironic that most wars have been started by Democrats.  However, by making himself look like the protector of American democracy, George Bush will get his final hurrah.

QUESTION: Will there be an attack on America by terrorists prior to the new president taking office, and what will it be?

ANSWER: Keep in mind that terrorists believe they are justified in their actions because they see them as defensive and supported by their religion.  You will not see suicide bombers blowing themselves up in large crowds in America, but you will see increased terrorist activity in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

QUESTION: So who would be the best president to handle these types of terrorist issues?

ANSWER: John McCain is seen as someone who grew up in the military mindset.  Barack Obama is seen as someone without enough military expertise and knowledge that he would be a poor choice to defend America.


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