World Events… July 7, 2008

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What makes something an event?  The most interesting events are the most newsworthy.  What makes an event newsworthy?  There are all kinds of events, from the smallest to the most broad.  You tend to only read about events that affect you on a personal or local level.  The event is something that happens in history.  It is a historical event before you ever hear about it.  Some significant events affect people for many years.  One such event would be the holocaust.  An event becomes newsworthy when it has mass appeal.  The weather is an event with mass appeal, but people grow tired of talking about the weather after a few days.  People are not talking about the weather that happened fifty years ago.

You have very few events that are truly world events.  Even a catastrophe like an earthquake is only a regional event.  A bombing somewhere on the other side of the world can have a temporary effect on you, but it is still something that happened locally.  So, what qualifies as a world event?  One thing would be a summit meeting where heads of state all get together to discuss world issues.  When they get together to address world issues like hunger, then this qualifies as a world event.  Another event that is a world event is the Olympics.  Most, if not all world events have a political bent.  Although there is much controversy over the Olympics and whether or not it should have a political agenda, it still affects the world. (NEWS proof)  The world is divided on the idea of the Olympics and politics.  Some people feel that it is a time when countries should put aside their political differences and look at their commonalities.  This is an event that involves the world and gets the world’s attention every four years.  It is sad that this kind of world event only brings people together every four years.  It is amazing to see the way the athletes compete and get along with athletes from other countries.  Many of these athletes come from countries that were misunderstood by the athletes until they actually met someone from that country.  There is another entire group that feels that a world event like the Olympics is the perfect platform for their political agenda.  The eyes of the world are on that country and the teams competing for just a short while every four years.  If they do not try to reach this worldwide audience with their agenda, they must wait another four years.  This controversy not only makes the Olympics one of the most important world events, but one where the smallest group can find a worldwide audience.  Regardless of the size of an event that affects you, it is basically something for you to talk about, so you can prove to the world that you are above the status quo, at least for awhile.

QUESTION: Will the internet eventually be able to bring down those political barriers that keep people apart and alienate each other?

ANSWER:The internet will contribute to people of different political structures to help overcome some of the mutual brainwashing that people receive.  However, it is the personal contact at a world event like the Olympics where athletes and their families begin to see how much they are alike from the standpoint of what they had to do and give up to get there.  They realize in an instant that they are more alike and different.

QUESTION: What will be the most memorable events of the 2008 Summer Olympics?

ANSWER: While the world watches, there will be many protests about Tibet.  Another thing will be the number of athletes from Middle Eastern countries who win medals.

QUESTION: How will the 2008 Summer Olympics benefit mankind?

ANSWER: The biggest shock that comes from the summer Olympics will be how much people’s ideas about China change.  Many people still think that the Chinese all dress alike and ride bicycles.

QUESTION: Which country will win the most medals?

ANSWER: China, Russia, and the U.S.

QUESTION: How will the powering down prior to the Olympics for the sake of air quality affect the Chinese economy and the world?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) The Chinese economy is like a snowball out of control, but what will be the biggest benefit to the world when the Chinese power down their industry to have better air quality, is that this will shock many nations into accelerating their environmental protection programs.

QUESTION: What’s the symbolic meaning of China’s environmental issues?

ANSWER: That uncontrolled growth will prove not to be growth at all.


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