Global Weather & Earth Changes… August 10, 2008

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Many people think that just because the weather has been consistent over a long period of time in their region that it shouldn’t change.  Well, from now on, those days are over.  There is much change happening on a global and regional level.  Global warming is just one thing affecting the environment.  Global warming is responsible for chains of weather events due to the new occurrences of weather pattern changes.  First, the waters of the Pacific Ocean are becoming cooler.  This may not seem like a major thing, but this small change sets off major consequences.  Cooler Pacific water temperatures account for changes in the wind patterns that ultimately affect the regional weather.  When the Pacific water cools, the jet stream alters its course.

This is why there has been so much unexpected tornado activity in the U.S. where there hasn’t been much before.  Tornadoes used to be expected in certain areas each year.  Now, with the jetstream change of course, you will have and continue to see tornadoes showing up in places where they never were before.  This cooling of the Pacific also is causing drought in places like Australia.  This drought will continue well into the next year.  While these altered patterns have caused drought in Australia, they have caused excessive flooding in Africa.  Africa will see more flooding throughout 2009.  You will see that this flooding causes major health problems in places like Africa due to the contaminated water.  While the water temperature in the Pacific has been cooling, the water temperature in the Atlantic is rising.  When you have rising Atlantic water temperatures, the chances of more tropical storms increases.  This year, we are already into hurricane season.  As we said last year, you will see hurricanes moving further up the coast than ever before.  This is directly related to global warming and rising sea temperatures. (NEWS proof)  For this hurricane season, you can expect over fifteen tropical storms to develop.  Of those fifteen, eight will become hurricanes.  Five of those eight hurricanes will reach the levels of destructive force when they hit land.  

QUESTION: How will the Pacific coastlines be affected by this change of course?

ANSWER: The coastlines will not be affected as much as the inland areas of South America and North America.  The big change will come in the form of strong winds inland, especially around the middle of the country.  The wind will be unlike anything before, and windstorms will destroy many cities and towns.


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