Personal Development & Improvement … August 27, 2008

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You won’t have much trouble in your life and on your path while you are not experiencing tragedy.  It is tragedy and suffering that knock you off your path.  You cannot expect to avoid suffering somewhere along the way.  When everything is going smoothly, and you are following your path closely, your world is very tiny.  It is only when suffering or a tragic occurrence happens that your world crumbles.  The things you used to think were important or had much meaning, all of a sudden take on a lesser role.  In addressing tragedy or suffering, you must focus on an issue or occurrence that overwhelms you and redirects your attention for a period of time.  This setback could be the death of a loved one, the loss of your job, an illness that takes you by surprise.  All of a sudden, the tragedy takes center stage and consumes your life.

These occurrences are inevitable, but are never expected.  How you respond to tragedy is many times the way that the outcome or result of the tragedy is shaped.  When you are ill, the focus many times becomes the symptoms.  This is not the correct focus, as the cause is what needs to be addressed.  You now make choices differently based upon the level of the tragedy or suffering.  The decisions you make and the reactions you take now affect everything to come on your path.  Many times, the decisions made are some of the most important ones you will ever make in your life.  (NEWS proof)   The idea is to see beyond the setback or suffering.  It will not last forever.  It is only a small part of your journey.  You will certainly come out on the other side of this suffering a new person.  This is not unlike a wild brush fire that burns the earth pure.  Soon, new life springs from the scorched earth..

QUESTION: You said, “How you respond to tragedy is many times the way that the outcome or result of the tragedy is shaped.”   Please expound?

ANSWER: During the time of the tragedy, you make decisions about certain things and aspects of your life.  The tragedy, many times serves as a way to identify the things in your life that are really important.  You begin to see what has meaning and what is just a life filler.  

QUESTION: What kind of discipline do you need to learn when going through tragedy and setbacks?

ANSWER: We have said before that nothing ever happens to you, only for you.  When tragedy strikes, you must look back at the lessons you have learned from other suffering.   Some of these lessons were very important.  You must not focus on the past or present suffering, but on the lesson that is being taught.


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