Sports & Wellness … September 28, 2008

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Baseball is a very unique sport. It is not the most exciting sport by far, but it holds a different type of excitement for its fans. First, baseball is played in the summer. The summer time holds special meaning, it’s warm, school is out and it’s a time for fun. It is interesting that baseball is played on a well-manicured field and that in the summer time Americans have a passion for a well-kept lawn. Baseball also has mass appeal, but its primary appeal is to the working class. It is a working man’s sport and it is affordable on a working man’s wages, unlike some other sports. Baseball also represents family values. Just about everyone can remember going to a baseball game with their families. There was that warm summer day when as a child your father or grandfather took you to an afternoon game. This sport has a deep sense of family bonding. The other thing that people like about baseball is that it has a fixed set of rules. You cannot cheat in baseball like you can in other sports.

There are no situations when you commit a foul and it’s only a foul if the referee sees it. The referees and umpires in baseball enforce the rules throughout the entire game. Americans see this as structure that is missing in many parts of their lives. Going to a baseball game with family or friends is also a comforting and bonding event. Even if you have season tickets and go by yourself you make many friendships with those seated around you. Also, food plays an important role in the process. You eat comfort food at baseball games, hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, candy and an ice cold drink bring back the feelings of comfort. Baseball also has a tradition where the players experience a long career. Unlike many sports where an athlete can be washed up at 30, many baseball players have played well into their 40’s or longer. Baseball is also one of America’s greatest exports, as now Latin America, China, Japan and other Asian countries play this sport. Baseball is an important part of American tradition and one of our greatest exports.  (NEWS proof) For the World Series, we like several teams … Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay.

QUESTION: What does Baseball condition people for after Baseball?

ANSWER: Baseball teaches people how to play by the rules and helps them develop their imagination. Even when you listen to a baseball game on the radio you vividly see each play in your mind, this is much different than when you listen to a football game or a basketball game on the radio. You are transported to the stands when listening to a baseball game on the radio. You feel the crowd and smell the air.

QUESTION: We live in a world where people don’t live by the rules, how do Baseball’s rules appeal to a society like this?

ANSWER: Your first exposure to Baseball and its rules was probably when you played Little League as a child. This was not only an athletic pastime it was training and learning to respect rules. Hopefully, this training and respect carried into your adulthood. This is why many people get so upset when someone breaks the rules and gets away with it. Baseball has endured as an example of rules and how to play fair.

QUESTION: You said, “That Baseball is a working class sport”, please expand?

ANSWER: When the wealthy or elite class goes to a Baseball game they sit in private suites. Rarely do they mingle with the working class. If they took time off of Wall Street to attend a Baseball game and sit with the working class the country would not be in the terrible economic shape it’s in now.


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