Politics… November 6, 2008

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President Obama ran on a platform of change and the citizens of the U.S. want change. There are other countries around the world that want the U.S. to change also. Starting with the Middle East there will be many leaders that congratulate President Obama and remind him that he ran on a platform of change. They are hoping that he keeps his word and changes America’s policies. They see him as someone who may be easier to deal with than President Bush. They want to change American foreign policy and feel that by acting this soon after the election they can influence President Obama’s future decisions. Many are at the point where they won’t even deal with President Bush since he is now a lame duck. Many might even think that Obama can be manipulated if they start now.  Two countries that President Obama will have immediate political differences with will be Russia and China.

Russia blames the U.S. for the trouble in Georgia and especially for starting the world economic crisis. Russia is wasting no time flexing its political and military muscle by solidifying its position in the Caucuses and by putting up missile defense systems near where the U.S. is putting them up in Europe. Moscow will let the world know that this is their intention; that is, to expand their influence in and around Eastern Europe and Asia. They are also making loans to governments that are at odds with the U.S. for those governments to buy military weapons from Russia. (NEWS proof)  You will see Russia visiting more and more with Central and South America leaders, especially Hugo Chavez. Russia dislikes missile systems near their own backyard and may try to install missile bases and military bases in South America. China on the other hand, is flexing its economic muscle by entering into trade agreements with countries in Central and South America. These new trade agreements will circumvent the U.S. and any saying the U.S. thought they had in the deal. With both China and Russia expanding their economic and political influence it’s only a matter of time that the people of the U.S. will definitely start to see change in the Political world.

QUESTION: Are we approaching another cold war?

ANSWER: Not necessarily a cold war, but a lot of cold war type of rhetoric. Moscow is trying to exert pressure now while Bush is still in office. They hope to regain control and influence over some break-away countries that used to be under their control. By meeting with leaders of countries that are geographically near the U.S. they are making the U.S. government nervous. China is mostly interested in economic growth and being able to have enough of everything supplied to them.

QUESTION: How will America’s concept of change affect the world?

ANSWER: Change in America must come from the top down as well as the bottom up. The government needs to change aggressive foreign policy that has made the world angry at America.  (NEWS proof) The people of America need to change their concept of consumption and consumerism that they felt has lead to the current crisis. The U.S. is looked at as a nation that over-consumes everything. The countries around the world want America to change just as much as the voters of America.

QUESTION: There’s change that was voted for and more change being imposed on the U.S. by other countries, how much change can America stand?

ANSWER:  (NEWS proof)The biggest change that America will have to swallow is that they no longer run the world on America’s terms. The globalization of society has brought about new influences and opportunities for other countries to lead in certain areas. For example; while America is struggling to bail out the financial community and major manufacturers, China could buy all of Wall Street and most of America’s failing companies. It will be a long time before America stops being blamed for starting the worldwide financial crisis. America will have to get used to being a changed country and also have more respect for others around the world.


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