TERRORISM - Lax security invites terrorism


Terrorism… November 4, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


Many terrorist groups will be glad that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. They feel he will be more sympathetic and more likely to remove military troops from the Middle East paving the way for them to increase their influence. (NEWS proof)  One of the first terrorists groups that Obama will need to deal with is Hamas. Hamas will be increasing its attacks on Israel. Hamas believes that they can speak with Obama and possibly get him not to support Israel as the administrations have in the past. Another situation involving the Middle East will be a split in Iraq. The government in Baghdad doesn’t want to give the U.S. unlimited access and ability to build military bases throughout Iraq.

The Kurd’s in the North will tell the U.S. that it’s okay to build bases in Kurdish territory. This will cause a split in the Baghdad government. Besides being an increasing threat in Afghanistan the Taliban will become much more aggressive against Pakistan. They are trying to convince Pakistan not to support the U.S. as they have in the past. The Taliban are going to become increasingly dangerous and aggressive in Pakistan through suicide bombers and planned and coordinated bombing attacks. Although Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden have been relatively quite before this election, you will see a new video coming from Al-Qaeda soon to the new U.S. President.

QUESTION: Is Hamas right to assume that Obama will not want to support Israel as previous administrations have?

ANSWER: Although Obama is very liberal he will discover that he must move more toward the center if he wants the support of both parties. When it comes to matters of security in the Middle East, Israel is our greatest asset. Hamas is not right in assuming that Obama will show them any favors.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People think that terrorism is something that goes on in other countries on a daily basis. Although the U.S. is separated from those countries by large oceans, it doesn’t mean that plans are not being made right now to carry out terrorist events when Americans least expect it and in places they never even thought about being attacked.

QUESTION: What is the Kurd’s incentive to have the U.S. build bases in the Northern part of Iraq?

ANSWER: If the U.S. builds bases in Northern Iraq then the Kurds will have protection for oil and the transportation of oil. Besides they are surrounded by people who do not like them, the Shiites, Sunnis, and the Turks.

QUESTION: Why has Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin-Laden been so quite recently?

ANSWER: Increased air attacks into Northwest Pakistan have disrupted the communications within Al-Qaeda and the increased attacks have made the senior Al-Qaeda leaders move more often.


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