Technology… December 19, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


Technology will be one of the things that help the economy come back over the next two years.  Although many technologies vendors will consolidate, the demand to continue producing more state-of-the-art technology devices will continue.  The consolidation will come from the need to trim the number of vendors selling the same things.  You don’t need twenty five different vendors of flat panels for instance.  This consolidation will benefit both the vendors and the consumer.  Technology will drive businesses away from people as more and more people do their shopping online.  (NEWS proof)  With stores closing their doors, the consumer will move to an online sales model.  The days of having large stores that sell products with small margins are over.  The buying public doesn’t need to see, feel, and touch what they buy as much as they used to.  You may see some of the same names that used to be on stores, but now they will only exist in cyberspace.

(NEWS proof) Another technology trend for 2009 will be the growing importance of social computing and networking.  With people staying home and trying to make additional money online, the need for social networking will be great.  Even if you are not trying to make money online, many will find that they have more cyber-friends and connections than real friends.  Digital entertainment and its delivery will also make great strides in 2009.  You will see advancements in TV projectors where they will eliminate the need for a big screen mounted on the wall.  Projectors will be able to deliver a 3-D picture to a blank wall in your home.  More and more people will be able to experience a virtual or 3-D projected image in their home and will favor this technology. (NEWS proof Also, digital content delivered to Smartphones will see tremendous growth in 2009

As more content gets downloaded to hand devices you will see the growth of on-demand movies and electronic books that you can read on your phone or listen to.  All of this downloadable digital content will increase the demand for not only web analytics but mobile analytics – an area that is now just at its infancy.  Technology will also help the economy by providing jobs.  Not only will web marketers be in high demand, but more and more sites will start to pay good money for interesting content.  People will start providing content and finding out that this could be their career.  This new type of job could help people who lose their other job.  Another technology area where jobs will be created is in high-tech security.  If you start or join a company involved in high-tech security, whether it be online security or home or business security systems, you will find your services to be in demand.  As the economy worsens in many areas, people will spend money to protect themselves with high-tech security systems.  (NEWS proofAnother area that will thrive in technology is software as a service and the offering of free and low-cost applications.  The days are fading fast where individuals and companies want to spend a lot of money on applications or application licenses for software that is changing quickly.  A company would rather pay a small fee upfront rather than buy the application and access it online.  This way the vendor can make improvements and upgrades and it will mostly transparent to the user.  They will not have to buy the next version.  This type of vendor/user relationship will become extremely popular.  Individuals will use free applications that mimic the expensive ones they used to buy.  One thing driving this trend is the decreasing cost of hardware.  Why would you want to buy a $400 computer and then spend $600 for an office suite when you can get a free office suite that looks and feels like your old one?  Technology in 2009 will be a combination of falling prices on one hand and innovative delivery of content on the other. (NEWS proof) 2009 will also see the death of Print advertising in favor of digital ads. 

QUESTION: Why will people have more cyber-friends than real friends?

ANSWER: It’s easier to make cyber-friends.  They don’t judge you in the same ways real friends do.  They do not care what you look like, only who you are.

QUESTION: What are web analytics and mobile analytics?

ANSWER: Peoples’ lives will revolve around their Smartphone.  Marketers of all types of products will need research just as they needed to have before the web.  Now, the study of web shopping and interest trends and people’s comments on all types of content or products purchased online will become paramount.  If a vendor can understand the purchasing and interest motivators of a Smartphone user, then they can target them when they are within range of a store that sells that product or alert them with a news flash.

QUESTION: You said that more and more companies will be paying for content.  Expand on that please?

ANSWER: Just as content was king in the print media and advertising world, content is even more important online since the audience is larger and more diverse.  High quality content will not only attract readers but also advertisers. 

QUESTION: You said more and more sites will be looking for interesting content.  What kind of content will they be looking for?

ANSWER: Once they have an established audience, they will need a continuous flow of content that their audience demands.  Most do not have a writing staff so they will pay for content relevant to the topics they cover.

QUESTION: Will the next generation of home theater technology move toward projectors?

ANSWER: Big screens will become a thing of the past once projectors are upgraded to produce 3-D images.  It will be like watching IMAX in your home.


ANSWER: Within three years.

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: With so much bad news about the other sectors of the economy, we see technology as having good growth this coming year and people need some good news.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People may be thinking about a job in high tech or have considered upgrading their electronics and IT equipment.  They should wait until after the new year because you will see all these incentive programs kicking in.

QUESTION: How will Google’s phone take market share from their competitors?

ANSWER: Google will not only develop apps but will sell the benefits of not only phone apps but business software apps right on the same phone.  Apple will continue to develop hundreds of apps that are inexpensive, but not as sophisticated as Google’s.  Both these companies will put the squeeze on Rim and the Blackberry phone.  Number 3 in market share will be a major player, whoever that is, and all others will be forgotten.

QUESTION: With regard to Amazon’s Kindle, what do you mean by it becoming the iPod for readers?

ANSWER: It will become the runaway dominate platform for books.  Just like the iPod did for audio files.

QUESTION: How will advancements in digital downloads affect the satellite and cable TV companies?

ANSWER: They will both migrate to more instant digital downloads, but being able to do it over your computer wirelessly will pose competition.  Many people who don’t watch much regular TV will eliminate their satellite and cable services and only use their computers to download digital entertainment.  This will be just like eliminating your telephone landlines.  They will have to remain competitive.  Instant downloads will be the choice of tech-savvy people and the movie box at the store or around the corner will be for the low tech people.  They will have to match prices for digital downloads whatever they are or from wherever they come.  Brick and mortar bookstores will still be around and become just a social setting for people to meet and drink coffee and read their Kindles.

QUESTION: When will smart phones have the power and convenience of a notebook?

ANSWER: It wouldn’t take much to add an external full-size keyboard to a smart phone that had enough power to access the Internet and cloud computing applications.  In fact, you could plug an external keyboard and monitor into a docking station on your desk that also charges your phone.

QUESTION: Google is coming up with a whole new set of algorithms in 2010.  What should website owners know about this in order to position for it?

ANSWER: Google is trying to help rid the net of spammers and scammers.  These types take up much of the Internet and are out to deceive people.  In 2010 and beyond, Google will use algorithm technology to find the best content sites and sites that have true value to offer and are not just affiliates selling everybody else’s stuff.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: One way to apply this information is to wait for fantastic sales and incentives on technology in 2010.  Don’t go out and spend all your money at Christmas time.  Wait at least a month.


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