Global Weather & Earth Changes… January 10, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


Some of the predictions we made over the last 2-3 months are now coming true. With the New Year upon us, here are some predictions for the short term and into the Spring. This winter of 2009 will be remembered as the winter of extremes. Extreme cold air, increased winds, more than normal snow falls and rain falls and all of the problems those things bring. The flooding in the Southeast was predicted and will continue to be a problem into the spring. The flooding in the Pacific Northwest is due to heavy rains, snow, and melting situations. These will continue to be a problem for the next six weeks. (NEWS proof) Ice storms where you would never expect them to be will show up and catch people off guard. This will be  especially true in the South.  As we predicted, Texas and neighboring states have had their share of snow already.

Right after the Inauguration on January 20th, you will see the world moving into unstable weather patterns.  Starting on January 21st and going for 2-1/2 weeks there will be all types of increased weather problems around the World.  These will include extremely frigid weather, more snowfall than usual, more rain and flooding than usual, very strong winds and the accompanying damage they bring, and an increase in seismic activity all around the world, especially in Asia. On top of the economic crisis, these weather problems will just increase man’s overall struggle to make a living, especially the farmers in South America and Africa.  This increase in bizarre weather will end around February 6th.  If you know about a problem or danger in advance you can certainly do more to prepare yourself and your family.  Don’t wait to buy your new snow shovel.   

QUESTION: Please comment on what you see for increased seismic activity in 2009?

ANSWER: We still see increased seismic activity in the U.S. in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Also, seismic activity will cause tsunamis in Southeast Asia and Iran will have an earthquake of great magnitude in the summer.

QUESTION: You said in a previous session that President Obama would be faced with a natural disaster after he takes office.  What will it be?

ANSWER: The heavy rains and snow melt  will combine to make it a Spring of flooding.  Several states will be declared emergency disaster areas.

QUESTION: How will this weather affect the world’s food supply?

ANSWER: Commodity prices on many things will rise; coffee, orange juice and many types of fruits and vegetables that come from South and Central America or Africa will be affected. This is on top of the financial blow that farmers have suffered by not being able to buy seeds and fertilizers. Their crops are already diminished and this will just be another blow. 


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