Global Weather & Earth Changes… March 10, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


The weather is not just a series of random events. Weather, wherever it occurs, is a reflection of the times. For example, the political and personal tension and anger in the world is reflected in weather. When you see where weather has become violent or destructive it is just mimicking the frequency vibration of the people on earth in that area. Rain, for example, symbolizes cleansing and this cleansing is needed so emotional growth can be experienced. The world is indeed in need of much balancing and weather creates this balance.

For example, volcanic activity symbolizes the eruption of feelings and emotions. It is a sudden and many times violent eruption symbolic of mankind’s emotions being pent up and suppressed. Earthquakes are symbolic of mankind living a life on shaky ground. Many times this shift in the earth is a sign to man that he must shift his consciousness. Hurricanes are symbolic, not only of cleansing and water, but of high winds that bring change. First, there is cleansing and then change. Hurricanes push people inland and away only to return to the cleansed area where change is now necessary in order to live. This summer starting in late June and early July you can expect 3 months of heavy rains. This is needed to cleanse the earth and prepare man for emotional change. Earthquakes are necessary to gain man’s attention quickly and show man that the shift in consciousness can happen instantly. Watch for the end of the first week in July and the beginning of the third week in July for nature to produce a Hurricane and an Earthquake in the same week. Also, watch for a large earthquake mid-September around the 17th or 18th. These occurring weather patterns are not random, but are happening just as they are supposed to in order to get man’s attention. The weather is an excellent indicator of what man needs to focus on in order to evolve. 

QUESTION: In another session on an earlier topic you mentioned that mankind would not be ready for ‘real change’ until 2012. How will the occurrences of these earth and weather patterns over the next 3 years prepare man for that change?

ANSWER: Mankind has lead a selfish life for a long time. One thing that destructive weather patterns accomplish is bringing people together for a common cause. It is not every man for himself, it is every man for each other. . . you are all one.

QUESTION: Between now and 2012 what places will have the most and least amount of earth changes and weather occurrences?

ANSWER: When you say occurrences we think you mean out of the ordinary occurrences and not just seasonal weather occurrences.

QUESTION: That’s right.

ANSWER: The U.S. will change the most, as well as the Middle East. The Middle East will experience great shifts in not only political stance but in the way the countries of the Middle East get along with the rest of the world. These great shifts in attitudes will be preceded by earthquakes that seem to not stop and follow a pattern of progressively stronger earthquakes. The U.S. will experience much cleansing by water. With at least 3 major hurricanes striking the coast, one will be extremely violent on the upper Atlantic coastline. The U.S. desperately needs a cleansing of old attitudes and feelings. Until the relentless water cleansing occurs the people of the U.S. will experience increasing tensions and anger over other groups of Americans and foreigners. (NEWS proof) Australia and New Zealand will experience smaller versions of change due to volcanic activity and earthquakes. However small these conditions are they are symbolic of small change needed in these countries. 

QUESTION: Give us an update in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.?

ANSWER: The Pacific Northwest will not be having any earthquakes this year, but will experience a cooler and drier year, unlike normal years. 


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