World Events… July 1, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


The death of several famous people over the last week overshadowed much of the news about world events. The world events to be concerned with over the next several months seems to come from these areas. First, the U.S. will have continued problems and confrontations with North Korea. It will be discovered that North Korea can modify a rocket to reach the Western U.S.. There will be confrontations with North Korean ships on the high seas and there will be much saber rattling and many threats from the North Korean government to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Many troops will be put on alert in South Korea and Japan. The pull out of U.S. troops from Iraq will show the frailty and the inability of the Iraqi police force and military to control the country. Insurgents and rival terrorists groups will increase their attacks on each other and the government will seem to be spread too thin to cover all bases. There will also be aggressive actions from the North from the Kurds. Protection and control of the oil fields will become a primary objective in order to insure Iraq’s wealth in the future. India should step up its security and intelligence as there will be more attacks by Pakistani-based terrorists. This time the targets will not be fancy hotels. This time the terrorists are looking to disrupt communications or the power grid. Increased tension along the border with Pakistan could erupt into an infiltration of Pakistan by Indian troops. President Obama will have his hands full this summer trying his best to stop a faltering economy from completely collapsing. Unsure of what to do exactly, many plans will surface and be tried to see what works. By the end of the year the world will be focused on the health of the U.S. dollar and British Pound. By the end of summer and beginning of fall an emergency meeting will be called by world-leaders to find a way to brace up the world’s economies.

QUESTION: Why does Kim Jong-il continue to threaten the world?

ANSWER: Kim Jong-il is sick and fears that he may not be in shape to rule the country much longer. He will appoint his young son as president. He wants to show the world that North Korea is a strong country and a force to be reckoned with before he turns over the reins to someone else. He fears his successor will not be aggressive enough in their actions or rhetoric to position North Korea as a country to be reckoned with.

QUESTION: Is this North Korean saber-rattling designed to meet its peak by America’s Independence Day on July 4th?

ANSWER: You will hear more by the 4th of July, but it will continue throughout the summer months as Kim Jong-il becomes more paranoid. It will get to the point where the world thinks it is just dangerous silliness.

QUESTION: So you’re saying that there’s nothing to worry about with the North Korean threats?

ANSWER: The threats should not harm the U.S., but South Korea and Japan should take care to prepare for any aggression over the next 12 months.

QUESTION: What will be the repercussions if the Pakistani terrorists attack the major infrastructure in India?

ANSWER: India will retaliate in the Kashmir region with great force. The Pakistani government will find it difficult to respond as much of their military is at the other end of the country fighting the Taliban in the Northwest. If they pull troops from the Northwest frontier then the U.S. will have much to say, since this would allow the Taliban freedom to continue their aggression and terrorism in the main corridor to Afghanistan.

QUESTION: How will people stop spending?

ANSWER: People will only buy the bare necessities they need like food and gasoline. Everybody can also barter and trade for what they need. They do not have to spend money.

QUESTION: Expand on this emergency meeting that the world leaders are going to have regarding the economic crisis by the fall of 2009?

ANSWER: World leaders will meet in Europe to discuss plans to cooperate in order to keep the world’s economies and trade from breaking down. (NEWS proof) Much attention will be focused on not only solving the economic and financial issues but feeding the people of their countries.

QUESTION: How will people be impacted by this?

ANSWER: People will see that the stimulus programs and all programs to get the economy moving again are faltering. Unemployment is increasing and prices and taxes are increasing. People will move toward survival mode.

QUESTION: How will they do that?

ANSWER: They will stop all consuming that doesn’t put food on their plate and a roof over their head.


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