Global Weather & Earth Changes… July 10, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


We predict that the global weather will not cooperate with the global economy.  Weather conditions around the world will only add to the inconvenience and expense of a global recession. Firstly, the summer of 2009 will be a record setter. There will be higher than normal temperatures in most of the world. This extreme heat will take its toll on the elderly and sick. Areas that may not have needed air conditioning before will wish they had it this summer. In addition to higher than average temperatures, the rain will not cooperate with most of the crops. There will be a lack of precipitation in North America, Africa, and Central America. The lack of precipitation will affect most crops negatively. More and more water will need to be transported in for irrigation purposes increasing the cost of harvesting the crops. These additional expenses will be passed on to the consumer.

Also working against the consumer and driving prices higher on certain foods will be too much rain. Too much rain, especially in the U.K,, Europe and Scandinavian countries will drown some crops, as well as cause transportation problems. In South America, too much rain will cause mudslides in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and parts of Chile. Just when people need a break from the recession and higher prices, the weather will contribute to their pain. We see fewer hurricanes and typhoons. Most hurricanes will be occurring in mid to late August and early September. (NEWS proof)  Increased seismic activity will stretch from near Australia and New Zealand through Polynesia and up into Malaysia. There will only be a couple of major quakes, but several smaller ones and minor aftershocks. You will notice that without rain in certain areas, allergies will be exaggerated. It takes a good rain storm to wash many of the pollutants out of the air. People will be praying for rain in some dry areas and some will even seek out the Native Americans to perform rain dance rituals. This summer season will prove to be a time when the world re-focuses on water shortages…those here in some areas and those to come in others. 

QUESTION: In last month’s session on this topic you said that the first hurricanes would not come until mid-July.  Is that still going to happen?

ANSWER:Yes, there have been no tropical storms or hurricanes yet this season and most storm activity will occur late in the hurricane season.

QUESTION: You said that hurricanes won’t start until mid to late July when they usually start in June. Is this an indication that all the seasons are shifting?

ANSWER: Sometimes storms come earlier due to warmer weather coming sooner. This summer many areas didn’t get hot until a month later than usual. For example in the Southwest United States.  It remained cooler than normal longer. This cooling also affects hurricanes and tropical storms as it takes two different masses of air – warm and cool to start the storms.  Fall will also come later this year and winter will come in roaring on time.


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