Global Weather & Earth Changes… August 10, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof)  Last month we predicted increased seismic activity starting near Australia and moving north-northwest up into the Indonesia and Malaysia area.  We predicted there would be two major quakes and several smaller ones.  Today, August 10th, there were two strong earthquakes, one in the Indian Ocean and another in Japan.  The Indian Ocean quake was 7.6 and the Japan quake was 6.6.  The Indian Ocean quake produced tsunami warnings for several countries and the Japan quake will see aftershocks over the next two days.  Earthquakes are a sign of major upheaval in the area.  They can happen suddenly and totally alter the terrain.  Many quakes produce tsunamis or typhoons and we have seen a major typhoon, Morokat, strike Taiwan and then China over the last two days.  Millions of people have been affected by this typhoon.

Typhoons and tsunamis are symbolic of people being swept away emotionally.  It can happen without warning and people are caught off-guard as they were in Taiwan and China.  This emotional “sweeping away” is tied to making decisions without sufficient evidence and making decisions emotionally instead of rationally.  Could it be that these areas of sudden change in the weather that proves to be devastating are in need of great emotional change?  Or, are emotions and tensions in the region that have built up over time suddenly being released?  We predict that there will be emotional and political upheaval in the region of the Indian Ocean quake within the next 6 weeks.  Perhaps there will be a coup in one of the countries bordering the Indian Ocean.  Emotions have been running high, especially in countries like Myanmar where recent political protests caused the government to quell the peaceful protests with violent responses.  You should watch these areas near these two quakes for quick disruptions in the political system and protests in the streets that will become emotional and violent.  The U.S. will continue experiencing warmer than normal weather throughout the Northeast and the Southeast for several weeks.  We also predict that dry weather in both Europe and the Western States of the U.S. will bring many fires. 

QUESTION: Two years ago, there was a major tsunami that killed over 200,000 people in Indonesia.  At that time, relative to astrology, Mars was in Taurus and Neptune was in Aquarius.  We seem to have the same astrological setup now?  Please comment.

ANSWER: Mars interferes with authority and structure.  Mars in Taurus represents an earth sign and Neptune in Aquarius represents water.  Together, they represent earth and water colliding.

QUESTION: Wasn’t it in Myanmar, just a few months ago, where the monks peacefully protested and the government responded with violence?

ANSWER: Yes, and it could happen again in Myanmar as emotionally, the country is at a break-point.

QUESTION: Is there anything else regarding the weather or earth changes we need to be aware of at this time?

ANSWER: Watch out for severe storms over the next 14 days in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 


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