Global Weather & Earth Changes… September 10, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


The world is in need of a good cleansing.  You have witnessed this recently with wildfires in Greece and California.  There are other ways that Nature helps to cleanse the earth.  It is done through storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and hurricanes and typhoons.   The cleansing takes place in areas that have built up emotional or angry energy that needs to be released.  An increase in storms in any particular area or region is indicative of the population’s need for change.  The more severe the weather, the greater the need was.  First, we see increased storm activity, primarily rain storms, increasing over the next three weeks in the Pacific NW and also in Japan.

We also see increased volcanic activity all around the world which is symbolic of people needing an emotional release everywhere. (NEWS proof)  Watch for volcanoes to be in the news over the next month.  The following areas should be prepared for increased seismic activity…Pakistan, China-especially northern China, Indonesia, and Italy.  A curious thing will also happen regarding hurricanes and typhoons.  The season has been light so far for the number of storms with few big storms.  We predict that the hurricane and typhoon season will be much longer this year than it has in over a decade.  Watch for hurricanes, storms, or typhoons in Indonesia over the next month and also for Florida and the Gulf Coast to have an extended hurricane season with two more major storms.  All people need to look at the level of pent-up emotions and how they are affecting not only themselves but the World. 

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: Nature provides a release for the tensions built up in the world just as Nature can provide a release for personal emotions.  It many times takes a sudden, powerful action of Nature to get peoples’ attention.  Look at the geographic areas where weather disasters happen in order to see and understand what was happening to the people who live there.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People are lost in their own personal crises.  They often feel that they have no one to turn to for help; driving their emotions deeper and deeper inside.  Many times it takes an external disaster like one caused by weather to make people forget their selfishness and come out to help each other during a time of crisis.  It’s okay to admit it when everyone has a crisis.   But, it’s not always easy to find help when you have a personal crisis.  Disasters help bring people together to make them realize that we are all one.

QUESTION: If volcanoes precede earthquakes, what does all this mean?

ANSWER: Volcanoes are a warning sign that emotions will be erupting if things do not change.  Earthquakes are symbolic of an area that needs shaking up.  The higher the intensity of the earthquake, the more shaking up the country needs.  From this scenario, we would also say to watch for a large earthquake in Mexico. 

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: People must look inside to see where they have pushed emotions down that need to be released.  What also needs shaking up in your life?  And what parts of your life need a good cleaning?  These are all things you must understand and address if you want to move forward clearly.


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