Global Economy… October 8, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


The global economy runs on economic power, military power and political power.  The simplest of things can be used as a powerful economic weapon.  The two things that we will focus on for the future will be two commodities, that if you have them, you can influence and control great nations.  These two commodities are oil and grains.  The world is highly dependent on fuel to make everything and for transportation.  That is where oil comes in.  The oil- producing nations know that if they can continue leveraging their oil reserves, they can greatly influence their future.  Oil-producing nations can, buy raising oil prices, create such a deep pocket of wealth they can begin to turn the wealth into political and military power.  The oil-producing nations would like nothing more than to see oil go back up to $130 a barrel or more. 

The higher the price of oil, the more influence they can wield politically and possibly, militarily.  Grains are in a similar position.  Countries that export grains can also apply influence through the manipulation of prices and supply.  You may be able to go for longer period of time without oil before feeling pain, but you will die of starvation shortly without food.  This is one reason that Iran doesn’t fear economic sanctions as it can apply pressure, either by limiting its oil supply or disrupting the flow of oil.  Disrupting the flow is not the right choice as it would mean having the military might of several great nations come down on them.  So, Iran can prosper best by doing nothing and doing what they have always done.  They want nuclear weapons capability and already possess the necessary means to produce and design them.  They just lack the delivery mechanism.  Sure, they can have Russia or another country enrich uranium for them, but that only means they don’t have to do it themselves.  This doesn’t mean they have given up on nuclear ambitions.  During the whole negotiation process, Iran knows they can economically influence the world by manipulating oil and lobbying for high oil prices with the OPEC nations.  The U.S. economy would suffer greatly with $150 or $200 a barrel oil prices, but could retaliate with high grain prices.  The winner in this economic chess game could be Russia.  Russia has and exports oil, as well as grains and other energy commodities like natural gas.  As prices go up in any of these commodities Russia benefits economically. By having high oil, gas and grain prices Russia can exert more political influence not only in the Middle East but throughout Europe.  The European countries know this and realize their precarious position in dealing with the Middle East and relying on oil imports.  They must remain more neutral or favorable in dealing with Russia if there is a disruption from the Middle East in oil.  So, instead of worrying about nuclear weapons, the smart countries trying to gain economic, political and military influence will rely more on oil and grains


QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: Our message lets the world know that all weapons are not weapons of war.  Without oil and grains, an army couldn’t function.  There are many economic ways to influence a region politically and rising commodity prices will just be one of them.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER:People seem distracted with too many issues in the news – health care, wars, the  (NEWS proof) unemployment situation.  What they need to realize is that more basic things like energy fuels and food grains can disrupt the world even more.  Any country must work to find a compromising political situation when it comes to dealing with other countries you rely on for food or oil.

QUESTION: What are the consequences of $130 a barrel oil, or more on the global economy?

ANSWER: First of all high oil prices would force people to reevaluate their transportation or just cause them to step up and pay more when they can’t alter their routines.  High fuel prices would cause everything to go up, even the production of grains, which require much energy to produce, harvest and ship.  Perhaps a grain-producing country could tie their grain prices to the price of oil to keep up with the imbalance?  This would help to keep oil- producing nations from price-gouging the rest of the world, but would be hard to implement.  The possibility of inflationary pressures to the global economy will also help oil-producing countries to raise their prices.

QUESTION: What action should an individual take right now under this scenario?

ANSWER: If you are concerned about inflationary pressures for things like food and fuel you should position yourself now.  Don’t wait until gasoline is $5.00 a gallon to sell your SUV.  Also, if food prices take a huge jump, then having some food stored is not a bad idea.  People tend to do the opposite.  When gas prices are low they buy Hummers and large SUV’s thinking that it will never change.  This is the opposite of what they should do because they will be stuck with a car nobody wants when gas is expensive.  Even if they own a gas hog, they won’t be able to drive it and have to buy another fuel-efficient car while their gas guzzler sits in the garage.  People also wait too long to plan.  Just like their attitude toward preventive health care…I’ll start an exercise program right after my first heart attack.  Now is the time to position yourself for high prices, high taxes, expensive gasoline and rising food prices.

QUESTION: What’s the likelihood of this happening in the near future?

ANSWER: A lot depends on cooperation between oil exporting countries and oil importing countries.  If you need something another country has it is not a good idea to invade their country, tell them how to run their government and how to treat their people.  You should be showing the world by example.  The empire-building of the past several thousand years should show you that nobody can control the world for very long.

QUESTION: What countries will suffer the most under these pressures?

ANSWER: Countries that have to import both their oil and gasoline and most of their food will suffer the most.  The countries like Russia that have both food and oil will suffer the least.

QUESTION: What’s the alternative?

ANSWER: The only alternative is cooperation between nations.  Each nation has its own personality and gifts to offer to the world.  It is the non-acceptance of that uniqueness that causes strife and wars.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER:  It is important that people not wait to become victims of circumstance.  They must prepare by making informed choices now in order to avoid being caught off-guard later. 


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