Politics… December 7, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


President Obama’s political challenges will be carry-overs from 2009 and some he inherited from the previous administration.  Domestically, he will be challenged with a worsening economy not an improving one.  The news can tell you how much things are getting better and how recovery has started, but the second wave of economic problems for President Obama will strike in Q1 and Q2 of next year. (NEWS proof) He also will be fighting lower levels of support as people see him as getting nothing done.  The health care bill will be a disaster for Americans and a windfall for insurance companies.  He will end up politically with a nation of sick people with no jobs who can’t afford health care insurance.

(NEWS proof)  There will be no meaningful job recovery plan or programs for the next 5 years…after President Obama is out of office.  The lack of meaningful jobs and a worsening economy with more real estate foreclosures will strain the President politically.  Without support from Republicans and lessening support from Democrats he will not be able to get things done domestically.  Internationally he will be like other leaders – fighting a worldwide economic disaster that has not been contained nor have you seen the worst yet. 

During (NEWS proof) 2010 the derivatives scandal will blow up and challenge the world’s economy and political leaders everywhere.  Meanwhile tensions in the Middle East in Iran will continue to grow.  Iran is near the point where they can build a nuclear weapon.  The question is – will they and when? (NEWS proof)  Israel will put pressure on the U.S. and Iran and could possibly use force against Iran during the summer of 2010.  Israel however, must tread carefully with regard to Russia.  Israel and Russia do not want to get at odds over Iran.  President Obama will find that trying to sanction Iran is futile and trying to cut off their gasoline is also a bad plan.  There are a half dozen countries who will sell gasoline to Iran sanctions or not.  While Iran is laughing in the face of the world, internal strife will begin to weaken the country from the inside.  You may see the President of Iran step down within 18 months due to international and internal pressures.  There will be much political talk about cleaning up the environment and green technologies.  However, just keeping the old technologies running will take precedence and the last thing countries have is billions of dollars to clean up the environment.  So, on this topic, there will be much political talk and not much political action.  One political compromise with regard to health care will be Americans able to apply for Medicare at an earlier age if they cannot afford insurance.  This is something many congressmen will push for when President Obama sees that he’s getting nowhere with the health care bill as it is.

(NEWS proof) We predicted many months ago that there would be no health care bill this year and we believe that this prediction will come true.  President Obama’s own health will start to be affected due to stress and he should be checked for high blood pressure and heart issues during Q1.

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) Politically the world has never seen so many challenges that affected so many countries at once.  The economy will dominate the list of problems going into 2010 and wars will also be near the top of the list.  Some countries will just run out of money trying to support unnecessary wars, address economic strife, and establish jobs.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People need to start preparing for thin times as the world’s economy comes grinding to a halt and the chances of a double dip recession or depression are growing.

QUESTION: How does a person prepare for this worsening economy that you’re speaking of in 2010?

ANSWER: Most people have not prepared because they can’t imagine something being worse than it is now. Now 1 out of 6 people are out of work.  This could grow to 2 out of 6 or 1/3 of the working population.  Executives will be trying to get any kind of job to feed their families.  Graduating students, if they can afford college at all, will not find jobs.  With no money being loaned to small and medium businesses. you won’t see the necessary job growth needed to get the economy going again.  To prepare for this highly likely scenario you should conserve your cash and start planning for lean times.  You should have enough of whatever you need to survive for a minimum of 6 months to a year.  We mean not only cash but food and water.  Food and water will become the most valuable commodities in many countries.

QUESTION: What countries?

ANSWER: The countries that were not only struggling to emerge when times were good but also countries who lived a lavish lifestyle for many decades.  No one will be spared their part of the burden.

QUESTION: Does president Obama know that his health is in jeopardy?

ANSWER: He feels he is in good shape and would not tell anyone if he felt sick.  He also feels too busy to worry about it.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: The average person needs to start applying this information to their life and formulating their plans for a future that will not look anything like their past.  Waiting to see what will happen is not advised.  Once it happens it will be too late.


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