Global Weather & Earth Changes… December 9, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


It is amazing to us to see how many different types of forecasts for the weather are out there.  There are scientific forecasts, psychic forecasts, farmers who make forecasts and software programs that attempt to predict and pinpoint weather and earth occurrences.  Even Nostradamus had weather predictions for future times hundreds of years ago.  Also, most forecasts made at this time of year don’t go past the coming winter.  We would like to tell you what we see for the coming winter and beyond starting with the U.S..  The East Coast and Southeast moving into Texas will have a very cold winter, even very frigid in the New England areas.  The Mid-West states will be very cold, but have less precipitation than the East Coast.

Up into Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas you will see abnormal amounts of snow in December and February.  The Southwest and West Coast will have more snow and rain than usual, but not extremely frigid temperatures except above 7,000 feet.  The Pacific Northwest and inland Northwest states will experience a warmer and dryer winter than the last year.  The coldest months will be December and the last half of January to mid-February.  Spring time will be colder and wetter than usual throughout the country. (NEWS proof)  Summer will be warmer than last year and have a large increase in hailstorms.  All parts of the country will see an early 2010 fall.  2009-2010 winters in Europe will be frigid and snowy with February being the most brutal for weather.

(NEWS proof)  Springtime will see increased precipitationn and flooding in Western Europe.  Next summer will not be as warm as the summer of 2009 with average to less-than-average precipitation.  All of Europe will see an early fall.  Asia and the South Pacific will experience opposite seasons of what they saw in 2009.  If the winter was frigid in 2009 it will be warmer in 2010 and if the summer was extremely hot it will not be as hot this coming year.  What we are saying is that whatever the weather was last year it will be the opposite in 2010.  As far as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis, we see 4 major areas to watch.  The first will be Los Angeles, next the area in and around Pakistan, India and Turkey.  Next, off the coast of Japan and finally the islands off the coast of Australia and New Zealand and the Philippines.  Indonesia will be spared some of the brutal, damaging weather they have seen over the past 2 years.  We would like to add that you should study the symbolism of the weather in your area.  Discover what the winds and water and earth changes and events mean and how they relate to you as a person and your country. 

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: We would like to give you more than a weather prediction as the symbolism of weather and earth changes means as much as the event itself.  Man needs cleansing in many ways and needs to be shaken up violently in order to change so that the world can become a better place.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People need to understand that, like anything else, weather never happens to you – it happens for you.  The best example we can give is how people come together after a weather disaster.  It is the weather event that brought people together and teaches them how to love and what’s important in life.

QUESTION: What kind of earth event is going to happen in Los Angeles in 2010?

ANSWER: People have been predicting a large earth quake in California for many years.  The situation looks right to us for a major quake to happen late summer of 2010 in or around Los Angeles. 

QUESTION: What kind of earth event will happen in the Philippines in 2010?

ANSWER: Typhoons primarily caused by quakes.  We see the Southeastern parts of the Philippines being hit rather than the capital.

QUESTION: What about the areas off the coast of Australia and New Zealand?

ANSWER: Earthquakes and tsunamis.

QUESTION: Are there going to be any hurricanes that people need to be aware of?

ANSWER: Not necessarily any particular hurricane, but (NEWS proof) people will be very surprised on how far up the East Coast these hurricanes go.  Some may reach Maine or Canada.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: People should realize that sudden change can happen at any time like an earthquake, flood, typhoon or tornado.  Wind and water are the cleansers of the universe. 


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