Higher Intelligence & Intuition… December 21, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


Three years from today is the winter solstice of 2012. (NEWS proof)   People are aware that change is coming and many are aware that change is already happening and most are not comfortable with it.  The change they’ve seen so far has not been good for them.  Although this economic recession has not been called another ‘great depression’ it is certainly turning out to be the ‘great humbling’ of the American people and others around the world.  People are being forced to live with less.  Some as much as 75-80% less than what they had become used to.  Is this good or bad?  It all has to do with how you interpret it metaphysically. Metaphysics comes from two words; “meta” which means “beyond” and “physics” which refers to the physical world or physical plane.  During the coming year and through 2012, many people will take their first look at what lies beyond the physical realm; beyond what they see, feel, taste, touch and hear.  They will become introduced to the 6th sense of intuition and many will seek to learn about the metaphysical realm and the universal laws that govern everything.  They will be looking for their reason for being here. 

Metaphysics is a study or philosophy of universal laws that govern not only the physical but the non-physical.  They help organize the physical world and also control the beyond.  We have spoken about the law of attraction and it has been popularized in books and movies.  Another important metaphysical law to understand and use over the next 3 years is the law of cause and effect.  You have heard before that for every action there is a reaction that is in accordance with the action.  You assign meanings to actions when they occur through your emotional connection to the action itself.  However, people see the same action differently and respond in different ways.  For example, a tree is blowing in the wind, some people observe it and say the tree is moving, another may say the wind is moving.  Could it be that your mind is moving?  The meanings you attach to the action forces you to take action or not take action, causes you to be happy or unhappy, to love or not to love, or to barely survive instead of thrive.  So, this new law (cause) of living with less can mean different things to different people depending on the meaning you attach to it.  If you say, “Why is this happening to me” you assign a feeling of being a victim to the occurrence.  On the other hand, you could lose all your stuff and feel a sense of freedom because it was this stuff that owned you and controlled your life.  Walking away many times is the best thing you can do if you assign the right feeling to it.  So, as change continues to happen and appear in your life you must observe first and then step back and look at the cause before you decide what effect it will have on your life and whether the meaning you attach to it brings you happiness or unhappiness.  2010 will be the training time for many who have never followed or sought a path to higher intelligence.  Change is what opened their eyes to the fact that there is much more out there other than your material life.  Although you may not be able to see much of it, it is there.  Just like the law of gravity, you can’t see it but it’s there. (NEWS proof) Once you open yourself to metaphysical philosophy you will find that a life journey guided by higher intelligence and intuition is really what will change your life long after 2012 has gone..

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is to tell people not to fear any change they have already experienced and how to accept any change coming in 2010 and beyond.  Most people fear what will happen in the future and bring it into their lives now.  You can’t do this as worrying about something that may not happen, or attaching an emotion to it when it hasn’t happened yet will only rob you of today’s energy.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: Many people are taking the path of a victim who has lost everything instead of realizing they are truly transforming into a new person who lives in the moment and can thrive.

QUESTION: Why will people be open to metaphysics with this “Great Humbling” of humanity?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof)  Many will realize that once all the stuff is gone only the real meaningful things are left.  They will feel so good from becoming unburdened by stuff that their mind will open up and accept new ideas.  They will discover that they had become a human-doing instead of a human-being.

QUESTION: Why was this never possible in previous generations?

ANSWER: For decades people have lived to gather more and more materialistic stuff…bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger bank accounts, bigger families and they believed that being spiritual meant being religious.  This is now all changing.  People will be much happier with less of the things they had too much of and more of the things they lacked.  People were motivated by accumulating things.  By doing that they weren’t giving, they were taking.  You can only have a taking mentality for so long until you realize that something is out of balance.  You cannot learn to receive until you learn how to give.

QUESTION: What’s the easiest way to adapt to what is happening in everybody’s life during these times?

ANSWER: You probably couldn’t conceive of living with less 5 or 10 years ago.  It would have been a foreign concept.  Now, you are being forced to change.  Try accepting change by eliminating one thing at a time from your life.  Sell this or eliminate that and see how that changes your life.  Do you miss it?  Is it something that you really needed to live a happy life?  Is it something that you wonder why or how you got it in the first place?  Living with less will provide you with more to live for.

QUESTION: So what you’re saying is that the quest for materialism over decades was the distraction for people that kept them away from discovering a spiritual path?

ANSWER: Yes.  How many times before have we said that, “Nothing ever happens to you – everything happens for you?”  This is a difficult lesson to learn because so many people have a victim mentality.  Look at all the things you worry about and then stop and ask yourself are any of those things you worry about in the future affecting your life right not in the moment?  Your answer should be no.  So, why are you allowing future events that may not happen to control your life in the present moment?  People will learn to live in the moment or in the Now.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof)  The sooner people apply this knowledge the sooner they will realize that they have a different life than before.  One that allows them the freedom to live spiritually and not live in fear or with a feeling of lack.  You will discover just how little you lack when you don’t have stuff to distract you.


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