Personal Development & Improvement… December 30, 2009

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This is the time of year when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions.  People always seem to want to improve in the same areas.  Health and weight loss, better relationships, a more rewarding job, and more money and greater wealth.  Also, you have heard the statement that you come into this world perfect.  That you are born with all the talents and resources you will need to live a fulfilling life.  So, if you come in perfect, what is there to improve on?  What is it that you are lacking in your life that people so desperately seek out year after year?  To improve as a concept means that you lack something.  To develop means to create something new, as in developing a new product or improving an old one.  This desire to improve comes from wanting more.  Wanting more means you lack now.  Is there something missing or not?  There is a difference between “having” more and “becoming” more. 

You can lose weight but still not be a healthy person or you can inherit a million dollars and still not be a millionaire.  What happened is that your income grew but you didn’t.  (NEWS proof) It is who you become and what you discover about yourself while becoming a millionaire that makes the difference.  You aren’t becoming a new person; you are just discovering the one you always were.  This discovering of yourself and learning all you can about yourself is what allows you to be yourself.  This is how it works.  If you want a loving and caring relationship, you must discover within yourself what it takes to be a loving and caring person.  Only then, will you attract someone like yourself to you.  You won’t have to spend time fixing them or trying to make them somebody they’re not and will never be.  If you want to be wealthy, then you need to discover what talents and value you have within that will bring you wealth.  This is why people only tend to want a better job.  You don’t need a better job, whatever that means, you need to discover a better you that has more to offer.  You can only attract other successful and powerful people to you if you become powerful and successful yourself.  This self-discovery is different from self-improvement or development.  You are discovering and mastering what it is to become a better you.  You must stop trying to “get” something and “be” something.  You will find that wanting less brings you more, and desiring nothing brings you everything.  You become the sum of all the things you discover about yourself in this life.  Therefore, you can only have more than what you already have when you become more than you already are..

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) Most people operate from a feeling or position of lack in their life.  They never seem to have enough of this or that, and if they only had it, they would be a different person.  This is far from reality.  Our message is intended to help people see they do come in perfect and only need to discover themselves along the way.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People are always seeking something outside of themselves.  They hope to find it on their own or have someone give it to them.  Once they have it, they don’t feel much different and wonder why?  Having something given to you doesn’t allow you to discover anything new about yourself; only that you still want for other things.

QUESTION: At what point does a person realize that they’ve become what it takes to have a better relationship, or be wealthier, or have better health, or have a better job?

ANSWER: That is several questions.  You must first define what a “better” job would be, or what do you consider “better” or “good” health?  And, how much money does it take to be wealthy?  And, how will you recognize the perfect person for you if they show up?  For some people a better job would be the same job with more pay.  For others it could be the job of their dreams with less pay.  You can only receive more from the workplace when you have more value to offer the workplace.  If you want to earn more, you must become more first.  Some people say that health is wealth.  That is true in many ways.  If being healthy is hard work for you, you may not enjoy your health once you achieve it.  There are plenty of happy people with health problems and many unhappy people with perfect health.  Health is just one of the things you need in balance with the rest of your life.  Could you always be healthier or wealthier?  Probably, but what is it that you would learn about yourself by having more money than you need or being a health fanatic?  There is a reason that people are called fanatics.  And generally, those reasons are not a good reflection on the person.  You may alienate others by being too wealthy or a fitness addict or somebody who is not a good team worker.  So, what we are saying is, that it is different for everyone.  Some of the happiest people are broke and some of the wealthiest are very unhappy.  By discovering who you are and not wanting for anything you’re not is how you lead a happy and stress-free life.

QUESTION: What do you do when you care for somebody so much that you feel obligated to “fix” them?

ANSWER: You can never “fix” anyone because, in their minds, they are not broken.  They are just who they are up to this point.  They have not put enough effort into discovering who they are and why they are like they are.  Maybe they are happy being irresponsible and not having the burden of heavy responsibility on their backs?  Maybe they like jumping from job to job or relationship to relationship and never committing to anything?  You are not to judge them; you can only hope at best to provide the environment they need to discover themselves and become as much as possible. 

QUESTION: When did people start expecting more before becoming more?

ANSWER: A good example would be the extension of credit that started in the 1950’s.  If you paid cash for everything, then the things you had were a true reflection of your value and worth to the marketplace.  If you wanted a better house, you saved until you could buy one.  With credit people began expecting more, right now, long before they became the person who was worthy of it.  This phenomenon led to the economic troubles we experience today.

QUESTION: We’ve grown up since the 1950’s as a generation who lived an over-extended life in most areas.  So how do you break the pattern you created along with everyone else who is like you?

ANSWER: The most important thing that people have not learned is to have patience with everything they do.  Patience would stop over-extension in most areas.  But, people have grown up wanting more before they become more or worthy of it.  The best example we can give you is if you planted a garden of vegetables.  One day you tilled the soil and planted the seeds.  And being a person without patience, you came out the next day and expected vegetables to be growing.  Life, like gardening or farming, is a process with certain physical and universal rules.  You can plant vegetables and wait while you care for them for the day when they will feed you.  Or, you can go buy vegetables at the store with your credit card.  One way you just did something.  The other you became something.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: Our comment would be if you don’t apply this information to your life at this time, when do you intend to do it?  Of course, you will be given many more chances to discover yourself even if you miss out this time around. 


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