Technology… December 18, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


2010 will be an exciting year for technology.  The big winners will be consumers of technology.  You will see intense competition in the consumer electronics market and the IT market.  This is primarily due to the sluggish economy and the need to get people spending money on upgrading their technology.  Taking a page from the government’s stimulus plans; you will see electronic manufacturers offering huge rebates or trade-in or trade-up programs to get people spending on the newest technology.  One of the biggest and most competitive product areas will be smart phones.  There are hundreds of millions of people out there with a basic cell phone.  They will be encouraged, through incentive programs, to trade up to a smart phone. Once they find out how much they can do with a smart phone the losers will be the land line companies.  (NEWS proof This will be the year when more people eliminate their land lines for good – more than any of the previous years. 

In the smart phone arena, Apple’s iPhone will continue to attract a cult-like following, especially with the availability of so many apps for the phone. The big new comer who will take market share from the others is Google with their phone.  Google will position their product offerings as a communications platform and internet connectivity device.  RIM’s Blackberry will be hurt because of Google.  (NEWS proof  Other technology that will continue gaining market share is Amazon’s Kindle. Improvements in the Kindle and price points coming down will make the Kindle the iPod for readers. This technology was thought to be slow to catch on but has caught on quickly once people saw the convenience and that they didn’t have to buy books anymore.  This year will also be the one where individuals and corporations upgrade their IT equipment now that Windows 7 is available.  Along with the upgrades, everyone will take a look at why or why not they need to buy application software. (NEWS proof)  Cloud computing will make tremendous inroads in 2010 and this will hurt the application software sellers.  People will learn to expect cloud applications for free or for a nominal charge.  Consumer electronics companies will also jump on the bandwagon of incentives and rebates.  They will, however, use a different selling angle.  They will push energy-efficient electronics and how much money you can save on energy costs by upgrading now.  This will help take some of the pain away of spending the money now.  This will be a successful campaign that lines up with the President encouraging everyone to use less energy.  In fact, would you rather change your windows or buy an energy-efficient big screen?   (NEWS proof) Other losers because of technology advancements will be book stores and movie stores.   (NEWS proof) This year will be the final nail in the coffin for video rental stores who will not be able to compete with broadband digital offerings any time of the day or night.  Netbooks, which caused such excitement in 2009, will slow down in sales because they will be squeezed by both smart phones and inexpensive full-sized notebooks that are within $100 of the netbook’s price.  Another technology winner will be that hiring will start to take off during the second half of 2010 for the technology sector.  This will also help real estate prices in areas with a high-technology concentration.  So, you can expect advancements in all types of technology in 2010 from the least expensive consumer electronics on up to the most expensive high-tech military gadgets.  2010 will be a bright spot for technology..

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: With so much bad news about the other sectors of the economy, we see technology as having good growth this coming year and people need some good news.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People may be thinking about a job in high tech or have considered upgrading their electronics and IT equipment.  They should wait until after the new year because you will see all these incentive programs kicking in.

QUESTION: How will Google’s phone take market share from their competitors?

ANSWER: Google will not only develop apps but will sell the benefits of not only phone apps but business software apps right on the same phone.  Apple will continue to develop hundreds of apps that are inexpensive, but not as sophisticated as Google’s.  Both these companies will put the squeeze on Rim and the Blackberry phone.  Number 3 in market share will be a major player, whoever that is, and all others will be forgotten.

QUESTION: With regard to Amazon’s Kindle, what do you mean by it becoming the iPod for readers?

ANSWER: It will become the runaway dominate platform for books.  Just like the iPod did for audio files.

QUESTION: How will advancements in digital downloads affect the satellite and cable TV companies?

ANSWER: They will both migrate to more instant digital downloads, but being able to do it over your computer wirelessly will pose competition.  Many people who don’t watch much regular TV will eliminate their satellite and cable services and only use their computers to download digital entertainment.  This will be just like eliminating your telephone landlines.  They will have to remain competitive.  Instant downloads will be the choice of tech-savvy people and the movie box at the store or around the corner will be for the low-tech people.  They will have to match prices for digital downloads whatever they are or from wherever they come.  Brick and mortar bookstores will still be around and become just a social setting for people to meet and drink coffee and read their Kindles.

QUESTION: When will smart phones have the power and convenience of a notebook?

ANSWER: It wouldn’t take much to add an external full-size keyboard to a smart phone that had enough power to access the Internet and cloud computing applications.  In fact, you could plug an external keyboard and monitor into a docking station on your desk that also charges your phone.

QUESTION: Google is coming up with a whole new set of algorithms in 2010.  What should web site owners know about this in order to position for it?

ANSWER: Google is trying to help rid the net of spammers and scammers.  These types take up much of the Internet and are out to deceive people.  In 2010 and beyond, Google will use algorithm technology to find the best content sites and sites that have true value to offer and are not just affiliates selling everybody else’s stuff.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: One way to apply this information is to wait for fantastic sales and incentives on technology in 2010.  Don’t go out and spend all your money at Christmas time.  Wait at least a month.


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