Global Weather & Earth Changes… February 9, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


During this past week, the snowstorms that enveloped much of the country were extreme and in many places, record-setting.  The snow was so intense that President Obama called it Snowmageddon and the East Coast was pretty much paralyzed.  This was accompanied by huge rains and mud slides in California, due to the wildfires last summer burning the trees off the sides of the mountains.  This extreme weather is here to stay and should be expected.  We predict that just as the East Coast is digging out of their current snowfall they will be hit by another large storm by the end of this week or the weekend.  The rest of the country will see a combination of rain and snow many times snowing for a day, then warming up and raining for day, and then turning back to snow.

This will cripple travel and the ice from the rain will bring down many power line leaving thousands of people without electricity for days at a time.  The Mid-West and states to the north can expect frigid temperatures and precipitation, while the southern states can expect warmer temperatures and precipitation.  These frigid temperatures with snow will also move into most of Europe through Central and Western Europe with the exception of the U.K.   The U.K. will be drier that the rest of Europe and will have milder temperatures.  While the north is experiencing frigid temperatures and much precipitation, south of the equator you will see very hot temperatures especially in Central Africa and Australia. These summer temperatures will be accompanied by rain in South America and in Central America. (NEWS proof)  Brazil will see excessive rain and Costa Rica will also see excessive rain.  It will be a challenging month, especially for Americans as the storms seem to come one after another. 

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER:Weather is symbolic and it is telling Americans to slow down and get used to simple things.  Also, the message is to be prepared, especially for when there is no electricity.  People will learn to become more self-sufficient and prepare for all types of emergencies or catastrophes.  You have seen by previous catastrophes like Haiti and Katrina just how inefficient the government is in responding to catastrophic events.  Imagine if you had to go without food or water for 3 or more days.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People put way too much faith in the government believing that if something happens the government will come to save them.  Ask the people from Katrina if that is so.  Ask the people in Haiti if help arrived right away.  People will learn to take much more responsibility for their well-being and life should disaster strike.

QUESTION: During the last week there were news stories showing how the grocery stores were sold out on the East Coast due to the winter storms, what is this telling us?

ANSWER: This is telling people not to wait to prepare.  Once catastrophe hits it’s too late.  The weather is symbolic of letting you know that things like mud slides and intense storms are not something that happen once in awhile, but will be the norm from here on out.  Global weather is changing rapidly and people do not see it.  Get prepared for catastrophic weather and have enough to share with your close friends. 

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: You have always heard the saying, “Plan ahead.”  These 2 words are very powerful.  Plan…you must have a plan.  Hope and faith in the government is not a plan.  Ahead…when would be a good time to start your plan?  How about today –  ahead of tomorrow?


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