TERRORISM - Lax security invites terrorism


Terrorism… February 3, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


During 2010 you will see some new developments in the fight against terrorism and increases in terrorist activity in certain parts of the world.  First, in Pakistan, the governments of the U.S. and Pakistan will begin to work closer together to control the Taliban.  The goal will be not to eliminate the Taliban altogether, but go after the “bad” Taliban.  Pakistan and the U.S. feel that the “good” Taliban can be part of a stable Afghan government.  It is important to the U.S. to eventually have a solid government in Afghanistan, but to have this; the Taliban will certainly play a role in its long-term success.  Also, Pakistan has a long-term goal of having a stable working government in Afghanistan long after the U.S. is gone.

They have to live next door and a solid, participatory government that includes the interests of all Afghans is the ideal goal.  In the meantime, the U.S. and Pakistan go after the bad Taliban.  You will see increased drone missions flown over Pakistan during this year.  Not only more missions flown, but more drones on a mission as opposed to a single UAV.  The U.S. and Pakistan see the drones as the way to surgically remove key Taliban leaders who are the most radical and those you do not want in a future Afghan government.  Although there is much resistance already against the drone attacks, you will see them increasing during the year.  Violence in Mexico is on the rise.  2010 will be the bloodiest and most violent ever.  Much of the increase will be drug gangs fighting each other for territory rights to distribute drugs for the cartels. (NEWS proof)  You will see increased violence and an increase in the most horrendous acts like beheadings happen in the border towns.  2010 will be the year the U.S. military will be sent to border towns to control the drug gangs.  We predict you will see 50 – 100 deaths per day related to drug violence.  Mexico may be reduced to a failed nation-state run by the cartels.  In the U.S. there will be heightened alerts for terrorist strikes.  Of course, nobody knows when they will be coming or where.  You will not see a grand-scale attack like 9/11, you will see individuals and small groups acting against their targets.  It will be the “little guy” against the “big guy.”  Hard to detect, the U.S. must take strong precautions in certain areas to help identify terrorists and hopefully, interrupt their plan.  Terrorists feel the U.S. has poor security.  In many places, you can just walk across the border like any other illegal. This lax enforcement of immigration laws in the U.S. makes it easy for terrorists to sneak in.  Also overseas, the U.S. Consulates are way too lax in giving just about anybody a temporary visa to visit.  Closer checks must happen at the consulate level overseas.  Plus, the monitoring of foreign students is a long way from being perfected.  Universities should be forced to carefully screen all foreign students but are reluctant to do so.  A way to enforce this would be to withhold grants and funds if they did not comply with strict screening practices.  Another way the U.S. must intercept terrorists is by carefully examining the backgrounds and motives of people who want to marry a U.S. citizen just to gain access to the country.  These tactics may seem like they are common sense.  However, self-centered politicians who don’t want to lose the immigrant or minority votes often put their reelection ahead of national security.

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: People may be expecting another grand-scale attack like 9/11.  However, this time, it won’t be that dramatic.  It will be from an individual or small group who can move about undetected and blend in just about anywhere.  Countries that have the most problems with terrorists are the ones who did not carefully screen immigrants and listened to the people when they demanded that the government should allow anyone to come in who wants to move there.  A new wave of protectionism will also come into play and a backlash against all foreign immigrants will take hold.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People think that terrorism is something that goes on in other countries on a daily basis.  Although the U.S. is separated from those countries by large oceans, it doesn’t mean that plans are not being made right now to carry out terrorist events when Americans least expect it and in places they never even thought about being attacked.

QUESTION: Will the U.S. and Pakistan be able to weed out the bad Taliban and will that be sustainable over the long term?

ANSWER: Surgical strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones will take out the leadership of the bad Taliban.  Soon, the leaders left will want to be included in the good Taliban group that has a say in the future government of Afghanistan.  If they do not agree, they will be targeted next.  That is what will keep them in line.

QUESTION: Regarding these terrorist attacks coming in 2010 by individuals and small groups…what types of attacks should the government be looking for and what is their agenda?

ANSWER: Individuals and small groups could be foreigners in the U.S. for any reason.  Or, they could be Americans who sympathize with foreign terrorists.  Many may have even gone out of the country to train at terrorist camps.  These individuals or small groups could do much damage to people and property with suitcase bombs or some type of biological weapon, or an attack on the water or electricity supply.  Working alone or in small groups, they would be hard to detect ahead of time.  Their agendas can be varied…from political to ideological; from religious to revenge.

QUESTION: How does an individual apply this information to their life at this time?

ANSWER: Individuals should always be alert and aware in order to make up for the lax enforcement of the laws in the first place.  Suspicious activity or people need to be reported immediately without any fear of repercussions of racial profiling or charges of discrimination.  Just take a look at other countries, especially Europe, and you get an idea of how these terrorists got into the country and what their agenda is once there.


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