TERRORISM - Mexican government will cause U.S. to deploy military troops to the borders by summer


Terrorism… May 2, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


Iraq currently doesn’t have a recognized government.  It has been months since the elections and the results are still being contested.  Since the elections Iraq has become a country sliding backwards into increased violence.  What is happening is that certain powers are trying to change the election results.  The more delays in the election process the more terrorism against the groups arguing about the election results.  The more delays the more terrorism, the more terrorism means no agreement.  Without agreement and the implementation of a stable representative government the U.S. will not be able to leave on plan.  We predict that the election results will continue to be criticized and the results attempted to be altered.  We predict the U.S. will come up with the only solution.

A temporary interim government made up of trusted outsiders – this would be established possibly with the help of the U.N., the U.S., the Arab League and other Islamic coalitions that would represent everybody.  These other countries, besides providing government leaders and consultation would also bring with them military might to keep order until either election results could be established or a new fair election could be held.

The drug cartels in Mexico are increasing the amount of violence and the number of incidences.  This is happening along the border, within the Mexican towns and cities and also will be increasing in Central America.  We see the cartels doing everything they can to keep the drug routes open and their competition out of the way.  However, each cartel is not only fighting their enemies and business competition, but the government and local law enforcement.  We predict that this is the year when the drug cartels will form pacts to fight the government, the police, and the military.  They will finally realize that they are getting nowhere fighting each other.  Around 90% of the casualties of cartel fighting have been killing each other.  This has to stop if the cartels are to survive and defeat the government.  Therefore, truces will be made between the cartels and they will focus on the common enemy – the government.  Violence against governmental authority will increase tremendously in summer in the Mexico City.  High profile officials will be the targets scaring off any junior officials from taking their place. Also, town and city level government and police officers will be targeted and once they are killed nobody will want to take their place.  Next, the border violence will focus on government officials and police and military.  This is the way the cartels see they can gain control of the entire country and therefore free up the flow of drugs through Mexico to the north.  (NEWS proof) This increased violence and a weakening Mexican government will cause the U.S. to deploy military troops to the borders of Arizona, Texas and California.  Once the local authorities and citizen militias can not longer contain the violence the military will come in.

QUESTION: Since there are no election results that anyone can agree on and it’s been months since the Iraq elections – is an interim government the only thing that makes sense?

ANSWER: An interim government may be the only solution and it would have to be made up of equal representation for each segment of the Iraqi people.  It would have to be as neutral as possible to be effective and have the backing of a strong military and police force to keep the order until a government could be elected by fair elections.

QUESTION: Is this North Korean saber-rattling designed to meet its peak by America’s Independence Day on July 4th?

ANSWER: You will hear more by the 4th of July, but it will continue throughout the summer months as Kim Jong-il becomes more paranoid. It will get to the point where the world thinks it is just dangerous silliness.

QUESTION: How will this new flow of drug traffic through Central America affect that region?

ANSWER: The Mexican cartels will work with the South American producers to infiltrate all Central American governments and pay-off whoever has to be paid-off and eliminate anyone who has to be eliminated.  The routes between producers and the distributors have to be open and without conflict.

QUESTION: What will be the repercussions if the Pakistani terrorists attack the major infrastructure in India?

ANSWER: India will retaliate in the Kashmir region with great force. The Pakistani government will find it difficult to respond as much of their military is at the other end of the country fighting the Taliban in the Northwest. If they pull troops from the Northwest frontier then the U.S. will have much to say, since this would allow the Taliban freedom to continue their aggression and terrorism in the main corridor to Afghanistan.

QUESTION: How will this affect Central America?

ANSWER: If you stay out of the way of the cartels Central America will be safe.  It will still be safe to travel to Panama and Costa Rica, however stay near the major cities and major roads.  Drug traffickers do not what to attract attention so pay attention where ever you go and mind your own business.

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is to tell the world that even with the best intentions of installing a democratic government in a foreign nation there are many obstacles to overcome even after democratic elections.  Also, that the intensity of cartel violence in Mexico will increase and to either not travel there or be very cautious.

QUESTION: What impact will this information have on people at this time?

ANSWER: Many people who do not live in a border state may not feel these affects at all, but the border states and border towns will become the new focus of a true “war on drugs.”

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: Be careful if you are traveling near the borders and be sure to always be cautious when traveling in or near any areas of your city where drugs are being trafficked.


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