Politics… June 3, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


People who always know what to do may not always be able to tell you how or why they did it or how they knew what to do in the first place.  It is an instinct; it is intuition.  President Obama many times knows what needs to be done but doesn’t know how he will be able to achieve it.  As far as President Obama’s “hot potatoes” we predict the following.  The oil spill in the Gulf has been referred to as “Obama’s Katrina” and people said it would never be as bad as Katrina.  This incident will be Obama’s Katrina and may be the most significant physical and emotional event the US ever experiences; one that could challenge man’s fitness as a species to counteract his greed and shortfalls in decision making.  One that may question man’s ability to act responsibly to himself, each other and the environment.

This one event will have a major impact on the world’s future energy policies.  We also predict that before it is over, (NEWS proof) three senior executives of BP will be fired…the CEO, the COO and the head of PR .  President Obama will also leave office without solving the serious unemployment issue and foreclosure situation in the US.  He will be remembered as a President who, during his term, the economy stalled, jobs disappeared forever, people were forced to leave their homes and political contributors got bailed out.  The President will see Israel continue to make decisions on their own without the approval of the US.  This will lead to frustration with Israel and further problems with countries the US is trying to open constructive dialog with.  The two Middle East wars will continue to drag out during his term.  They will drag on because of the inability of Iraq and Afghanistan to govern themselves effectively and protect their people.  The people of these countries will start to see that this ‘help’ from the US is nothing more but interference in their futures: and they will not be able to do anything to force foreign troops out.  The economic problems of Europe are being downplayed in the media.  They are bigger than the media lets on.  These continuing problems will cause the breakup of the EU and over the next two years, see several countries revert back to their previous currency.  President Obama will try to do everything he can to prevent these European problems from bringing financial disaster again to America’s corporations and banks.  In the end, the President will realize he is just stretched too far in too many directions.  These stresses will lead to him developing health issues during his term.

QUESTION: You said that the oil spill could be the physical and emotional event that challenges man’s fitness as a species.  Please explain?

ANSWER: This could be the incident that shows man how off-track he has been in his decision making about the environment and the energy policies he has embraced.

QUESTION: What will it look like when man finally makes better decisions and becomes responsible to himself, each other, and the environment?

ANSWER: Clean fuels will be the standard and it will be read about in future textbooks how man, in his mistaken greed, burned polluting fossil fuels long past the time he should have.  This period in history where the environment was deliberately damaged so badly by man for money and greed, will be seen as our modern day “Dark Ages.”

QUESTION: You said these continuing economic problems in Europe are much bigger than the media lets on.  Please comment?

ANSWER: Although the European countries have tried to act together to help nations that are ready to default when it comes to the final vote, the major players will vote “no” and not be willing to put their economies in peril to help their neighbors.  Countries will be forced to leave the EU and get back on their own two feet by themselves.  The Euro may soon become a currency of the past.

QUESTION: Previously, you said the President would have health issues in the first half of 2010 and now you are mentioning it again.  He seems to be healthy.  What do you see?

ANSWER: We see stress-related symptoms and perhaps a health scare in the fall.  He is already concerned about his health and previous smoking.  He is gaining weight since he cut back on the smoking.

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Besides you letting know that the President’s job is a very stressful one, you should see that the political issues he faces are so complicated and entwined that it is difficult for any one person to figure them out.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the public sees a do-nothing, dysfunctional Congress and is looking for a scapegoat to blame the situation on.

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: Going forward, man must be more responsible in all decisions that are made.  It cannot always be about money and power.  All the money and power will mean nothing when the food source and air quality is destroyed. 

COMMENTARY: When it comes to issues or problems, political or not, people always seem to think they have more time and more resources to solve them.  This is why they often put off making the right decision or making a decision at all.  They take the attitude that as long as the situation is okay and not directly affecting me, why should I worry about it?   Why should I change anything when what’s happening isn’t costing me money, time, or pain?  What man fails to understand is that everything affects everything.  Even the smallest thought, negative or positive, sent out into the Universe has a ripple effect on everyone.  Try this…the next time you see a stranger at the store, think a nice, kind, positive thought as you look them in the eyes.  Watch their response.  Did they smile or take a relaxing breath?  Try the opposite also.  Think a negative or judgmental thought as you look at a stranger you do not know.  Watch this response.  How did they differ?  Now do you believe us?  Man’s miscalculations in his decision making over the past decades will have an effect on your unborn grandchildren.


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