World Events… August 3, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions


Floods symbolize the end of one era of time and the beginning of another.  It represents both death and destruction as well as rebirth.  It is the end of the old ideas and ways of thinking and the introduction of the new ideas.  There are references in many books including the Bible, where floods destroyed the earth and prepared people to start over.  Entire land masses have been submerged in water, covered up for centuries by floods and then reborn when the waters receded.

This is similar to people getting baptized who are sunken into water, and reborn.  Flooding events and wildfires are agents of cleansing the land; clearing away the old and allowing for the rebirth of the new.  Flooding is also symbolic of people being overwhelmed emotionally in their lives – in need of change.  They describe their lives as being “under water.”  Just as the flood waters overflow their banks and constraints when the overcapacity is reached, people reach their emotional limits – unable to move forward.  When mudslides occur, it is symbolic of people being stuck and unable to move.  They are not growing emotionally in their lives due to their limiting beliefs and limiting situations.  When people are stuck in the mud, they may need to “clean up their act” before they are able to start fresh.  We refer to flooding as a great purging that occurs in life; sweeping away everything in its path and preparing the way for something better.  For this, you do not have to be in an actual flood.  It can be a figurative flood and rebirth.  It would be the systematic removal of people and things in your life that are holding you back; washing them out of your life and preparing for a new life moving forward.  Your life can gradually get under water or it can happen all at once like a flash flooding.  People, through their bad decisions, make small miscalculations that add up to a life where they are treading water to stay afloat.  Their life can also change in a day…in a flash.  Man misses the connections between the events of Mother Nature and human nature.  They are very symbiotic.  Man’s energy and nature’s energy interconnect to teach man lessons in balance.  We predict that, as man develops a more conscious relationship with other people and places, lessons like those brought about from devastating world events like flooding may not be necessary.

QUESTION: What about people who don’t live in areas affected by major flooding events and wildfires.  How are their lives affected?

ANSWER:  They may feel they are not affected, but they are.  They are part of a national government that spends money on major disasters and this money comes from taxes.  Also, if flooding or wildfires destroy crops, everyone pays more for food. So, everyone in the world is affected by flooding and wildfires even if they do not occur in their area.  All energy is connected.

QUESTION:What do you see for flooding over the next year compared to what we’ve experienced this past year?

ANSWER: Flooding and storms will dominate the disaster news for the next 15 months.  It is a necessary lesson for man to learn about balance in life and the need to change and start anew before it is too late.

QUESTION: What do you have to say to the people who go back and rebuild in harm’s way over and over again?

ANSWER: Some people do not make the connection between destruction of the old and building of the new.  You can’t keep going back and rebuilding your old life over and over. 

QUESTION: Where will the most dangerous places be to live over the next 15 months with regard to flooding and wildfires?

ANSWER: It will not just be extensive flooding in places like the Middle East and in croplands, it will also be earthquakes shaking people up to awaken them.  (NEWS proof)  You will see earthquakes in and around Turkey and South America, specifically Bolivia and Venezuela.  (NEWS proof)Western Europe and the southern US, specifically Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas will see an inordinate amount of flooding.

QUESTION: How will people stop spending?

ANSWER: People will only buy the bare necessities they need like food and gasoline. Everybody can also barter and trade for what they need. They do not have to spend money.

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Floods are changing the world and how people cooperate with each other.  They are teaching valuable lessons to those who will listen.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: People keep going back and rebuilding in the same place – rebuilding the same life with the same results.  That is what needs to change.

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: Don’t be afraid if you feel like your life is under water.  It is to prepare you for the new life once the old one is washed away.    

COMMENTARY: There is a direct message in the destructive world events that the Universe delivers to particular parts of the world. It is a message of needed change; a total rebirth of your thinking in order to evolve as a species and as conscious human being.  It is directed to the people who hang onto old thinking, customs, and beliefs that do not serve them or mankind anymore.  You never evolve backwards.  Sometimes it takes an event like a giant flood to distract people from their perilous path.


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