Commodities & Currencies… April 14, 2011

How we get these Future News Predictions


The rush into commodities is just warming up. (NEWS proof)  We see that once silver hits $50 to $52 an ounce people will start selling. This could be a mistake for a couple of reasons. Silver will not pull back much, if at all. Silver will continue to rise to $72 an ounce, then to $90 an ounce before breaking $100 an ounce early in 2012. Gold will fly through $1,500 on its way up to $2,000 an ounce before the end of the year. As the U.S. dollar continues to lose its status people will flock to other currencies, oil, gold and silver and other commodities in order to hedge against the dollar. Regarding oil – some experts this week predicted a high for oil of $150 a barrel sometime this year. We predict $142 a barrel by mmid-2011and $178 a barrel by the end of this year. As debt-ladened central banks are forced to compete with governments that are facing default to secure financing, currencies will fizzle and commodities will sizzle. 

QUESTION: Will we get to the point where people who want to buy physical silver won’t be able to get it?

ANSWER: This is highly likely as banks with tremendous short positions are having to go purchase massive amounts of silver for people demanding delivery and for stock that was supposed to be backing ETF’s.

QUESTION: Will there be any other precious metals that will become difficult to take delivery on?

ANSWER: People may also discover that there is a long wait to buy gold coins. Demand is going through the roof, but silver will be harder to get because more people can afford it.

QUESTION: When will it become near impossible to take delivery on silver?

ANSWER: You will see a silver shortage and long backlogs before the end of this year.

QUESTION: Will there be any government regulations that are imposed that attempt to interrupt the personal ownership of physically possessing precious metals?

ANSWER: It’s always a possibility as it has happened before, but more of a risk with gold, not silver. People should be more concerned with the government coming up with a scheme to “borrow” their retirement accounts.

QUESTION: As things get worse for the U.S. dollar what other currencies could people flock to?

ANSWER: Many will invest in the Australian or New Zealand dollar because they will be worth more and are more stable. Some may even buy Canadian dollars and keep their money out of the U. S. and convert Canadian dollars into gold and silver.

QUESTION: There’s still a lot of people who think that precious metals are in a bubble. What will convince them that they are not?

ANSWER: By the end of July 2011 people will see how much trouble currencies are in and will be kicking themselves that they didn’t start investing in gold and silver a year ago.

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is that when it comes to commodity and currency predictions the experts are just guessing.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the reports you hear on the news are all spun and manipulated to show low levels of inflation and that a recovery is happening.

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: Get ready for a shock to the dollar by summer 2011 and start buying some silver or gold now.


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