Global Weather & Earth Changes… November 12, 2011

How we get these Future News Predictions


Earth Changes – The End Of The World

The date is 11/12/11 and we’re still here. The end of the world didn’t come nor did the skies rain fire yesterday, when it was 11/11/11, as many had predicted and a few people had even thought it would be fun to watch. Ironically, many couples around the world planned their weddings for 11/11/11. They certainly wouldn’t have planned their big day to be the same day the world was going to end, would they? Now, I guess we’ll just have to wait for December 21, 2012 to roll around or for November 11, 3011 – our next 11/11/11 – to get our shot at planet extinction?

Earth Changes – Weather Prophecies

For centuries, prophets, soothsayers, doomsayers, and the occasional radio or TV evangelist charlatan have predicted the end of the world. Yes, there’s been plenty of “signs in the sun, moon and stars and upon the earth,” as the Bible says. And, much “distress of nations,” and the “roaring and tossing of the sea and waves,” but hasn’t that been going on forever? Nations and the oceans do that as part of their daily routines.

Earth Changes – More Than Weather

What if all these global weather and earth changes are symbolic of something else and not to be taken at face value? Sure, they are destructive, violent, and strike without regard for life, but don’t people and nations act the same way? Maybe the extreme global weather is occurring at a time when man needs to take a look at it and see his own reflection?

So since the earth hasn’t flipped upside down, started spinning the opposite way, been destroyed by comets, asteroids or humanoids yet, how is man to interpret what’s is going on in the world and how is it tied to weather? Will weather actually calm down and be less extreme when man becomes less extreme in his actions, aggressiveness, and greed?

ANSWER: People haven’t learned to take care of each other or their planet. If man is to survive he must learn to live naturally and complimentary with each other and nature. There is no room for greed, inhumanity or jealousy in the world – only love and respect. Love and respect for each other and nature. With that in mind here are some predictions on global weather and earth changes. As things heat up politically in the world solar activity will increase. There will be more coronal mass eruptions (CME’s) leading to a possible major conflict or confrontation in the Middle East coming in late 2012 or early 2013. Weather disasters that wipe an area clean equal the reflection of starting over, for example; governments wiping out their balance sheets and defaulting. Starting anew with a clean balance sheet and starting over – going back to the old ways, the old money and rebuilding from scratch. Watch the areas that need to be wiped clean of their debt and start over – as these will be the areas that experience extensive floods. We see flooding across Northern Europe – also, parts of the U.S.A and the upper East Coast and Central Regions. We predict higher earthquake activity in a boxed in area with the 4 corners being Chile, Australia especially the Western coast of Australia, Japan and Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. These areas and oceans in between will see repeated earthquakes during the next 12 to 18 months – strong quakes of 6.5 and greater. Italy will be shaken by an earthquake and a huge volcanic eruption during mid-2012. Also, the country will default and will (NEWS proof)  pick a new Pope. The current Pope will leave because of illness or scandal. We see the next Pope as being dark-skinned. Radiation in Japan from weather and earth disasters will reach panic levels over the next 2 to 3 years with people needing to evacuate. The government will try to keep the lid on the danger level. Going forward over the next few years’ man must learn to take care of each other and your planet – then it will take care of you. Your heart must learn to beat with the rhythm of the earth. 

QUESTION: You said there’s going to be a major conflict in the Middle East the end of 2012 or early 2013. This is the first time you’ve mentioned this. What is this conflict?
ANSWER: The conflict will be over Iran and it will be the result of a false flag operation in the U.S. The conflict will encounter much resistance from China and Russia, threatening a third World War. The U.S. and Western countries will have to think twice before invading Iran as Russia and China, two powerful countries in the region will stand in the way. 

QUESTION: What’s this false-flag operation going to be?

ANSWERThis will be an explosion where a building – a famous building – gets blown up on the east coast of America. 

QUESTION: How will this tie into the 2012 Presidential elections in the United States?

ANSWER: This could either play into President Obama’s campaigning if it happens early enough or the first thing a President would have to address in 2013. 

QUESTION:  Comment more on these areas that will be experiencing earthquakes?

ANSWER:   It’s like the 4 corners. Draw lines from Alaska all the way down the west coast of America to Chile over to Australia, up to Japan, and back over to Alaska. All along the lines you will hear about earthquake activity, as well as in the ocean waters inside this box. This activity will represent the fact that people of all continents need to work together to ease each other’s suffering and stress. No one country can do it alone.  

QUESTION: What did you mean when you said that humanity’s heart needs to beat with the rhythm of the earth?

ANSWER: The earth has a heart, a heartbeat, a respiratory and circulatory system too. It breathes like you do. You must learn to connect with and live naturally in harmony with nature and quit causing the mutual stress. 

QUESTION: What does that look like from a human level?

ANSWER: Stopping the destruction of the earth though mining and digging for oil and gas. Stop strip mining and learn to use renewable energy. Stop the pollution of the water systems in all ways. And, stop destroying the soil which, in turn, destroys the food supply. 

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is that man will either learn on his own how to live in harmony with each other and the earth or he will be forced to. 

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people are witnessing many different types of conflicts around the world; political, social, civil, financial, as well as seeing all the destruction happening from weather disasters and earth changes. They are all connected at the energy level.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Start by cleaning up or starting over in your own backyard. Get all your living habits under control and learn something to be at one with the earth – perhaps learning how to grow your own food. Change your mindset from one of consuming or taking to one of giving and contributing. 

COMMENTARY: If the earth has a job to do it’s to maintain balance. As mankind struggles and abuses, the earth reflects this struggle and abuse back at him. Neither is necessary. It’s the few that have taken advantage of the earth’s resources and converted them into wealth for their own gain at the expense of all who must and will change. It’s also these few who don’t want anything to change as long as it’s benefiting them. Corruption, greed, control, dominance, manipulation and destruction stand in the way of any possible balance and harmony in the world. Nature continues to intervene; doing whatever it can to get man’s attention. Life could be kind and equitable for everyone if it wasn’t for the extreme greed of the few. It will take the power of nature and the universe to teach man these lessons.


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