Stock Market… March 12, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions


Is there anything worthwhile left to invest in? The Fed and Wall Street do not want Americans to be savers. They do not want citizens putting their money into banks. In fact, the Fed is punishing savers by paying them little or no interest and holding interest rates extremely low.

Ben Bernanke recently suggested that Americans should think about investing in high-quality U.S. equities. The Fed is even encouraging foreign central banks to invest in American stocks. This negative incentive to save your money for important things is actually an incentive to invest in stocks. People don’t have anywhere to put their money where they get a decent return.

However, having to bribe someone or steer someone to a particular investment vehicle is probably not an investment at all, or a poor one. Like the $10,000 incentive to buy a General Motors $40,000 electric car. Sales of the Volt are disappointing – so, what to do?… pay people to buy one. This is an tremendously expensive program by the time you put advertising and all administrative costs in place; and this is on top of bailing GM out.

Next, the government will force people to put some of their retirement money into an investment like U.S. Treasury debt. These will be known as “government approved” investments with incentives with a fancy program name. An investment should be able to stand on its own to grow or fail.

Now, here’s what we see for the stock market coming up. Any attack on Iran will cause an immediate shock to the markets keeping them down for an extended period of time. An attack on Iran will boost oil stocks as you will see oil shoot up to $175 a barrel or more. We see the DOW having declining relative strength, although prices are temporarily moving up. This will be like air leaking out of a balloon slowly. The S&P will react the same way with weak relative strength. There seems to be a lot of false hope for the NASDAQ as far as saving the markets.

Yes, there will be wonderful technology announcements, however, the major sector of technology, that is computing technology, will be slowing down. Companies will be putting off or eliminating technology upgrades. They are very expensive and moving to cloud technology eliminates the need to spend all that money. In fact, companies will be looking to have inexpensive computing equipment on their end, while moving most to the cloud. This will negatively affect hardware manufacturers of all kinds; storage, networking, CPU’s and the like. Only hand-held smartphones and devices will show growth. PC sales will continue to decline.

Apple will be the anomaly as their cult-following continues. (NEWS proof)  Apple will continue to do well until a new product has a technology or security glitch, which will reveal a design flaw and this will be the time to short Apple and make a lot of money.

European stocks and funds will continue to weaken, especially automotive, utility and financial stocks. The problems in Europe are far from being controlled and it will be a good opportunity to short most European sectors, especially short European funds and financials. What is our best advice for the future regarding what to invest in – we say invest in yourself.

QUESTION: How has investing affected people’s lives over the past 20 years?

ANSWER: You were told to invest in tech stocks in the early to mid 90’s and people made a living just trading stocks daily. Then the bubble broke and people lost most of their investment. Then cheap credit came along to buy real estate and people saw flipping houses as their job to make a lot of money – then the bubble broke and they were stuck with their investment that was declining everyday. Now, the investment being pushed is the stock market once again. The average person can’t make any interest saving their money – that is what they have left. So, let’s make the stock market look like it’s rising and on a run. Once everybody gets back in, the real money will pull out and the markets will crash. Once again your investment turned out to be a huge loss. During these decades people stopped doing what they did for a living and became professional stock traders and real estate moguls. Now, 20 years later, their old jobs have vanished and they are struggling to hold on to whatever assets they have left and attempting to ride it out as they truly believe that it’s all coming back and things will be normal again – which means there will be some new bubble concocted to make fast money without working

QUESTION: What’s the likelihood of an attack on Iran causing a stock market pullback in the near future?

ANSWER: Any attack or confrontation with Iran will shock the oil market, raise prices and halt the growth in the stock market until things get resolved or move into a full blown war. Eventually, people will get used to another war and the market will start to rebound. This will happen either right before the elections or right after.

QUESTION: Regarding Apple’s security glitch or technology flaw which you said will be an opportunity to short their stock and make a lot of money – when do you see this happening?

ANSWER: We see it coming with their next super secret announcement this year. The product will be flawed.

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is that the most important investment you can make is in yourself.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because we do not want to see people spend their last dollars on the next get rich quick scam.

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: People need to imagine that the banks, economies and people of the world are all basically insolvent and rearrange your plans for a future where you can thrive. Oh, and turn off your TV.

QUESTION: Tell our readership the best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: People need to imagine that the banks, economies and people of the world are all basically insolvent and rearrange your plans for a future where you can thrive. Oh, and turn off your TV.

COMMENTARY: Another election year with its typical market manipulations, another war, another stock market crash coming and the insolvency of everyone. Whether you want to face this fact or not, it’s reality. It’s reality because your assets are not going to return your losses or equity and your job is most likely obsolete, too stressful or no longer paying enough for you to keep up with rising prices. These are all the elements of insolvency. This can only go on for so long before you are completely exhausted and you are ready to make that Great Shift into where you’re going. Releasing the past becomes easy once all the incentives for staying there are gone…like paying you an “incentive” of thousands of dollars so you can spend tens of thousands to buy a new car that will keep you in debt for another 6 years. 2012 will be the year of the final let down for many people. This will make it easier to let go, but hopefully not before you lose everything to the schemes and scams you encounter each day. Start investing in yourself and your talents to secure your future.


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