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  • Is “new” better than “old?”
  • People have been brainwashed and manipulated
  • Every event is meticulously planned
  • You must be convinced that the “old” is evil
  • We predict that many will get tired of anything new 

Welcome to the brave new world. Everyday there are many events that take place that can be considered “new.” New laws, new products, new incidents that will impact the masses. Some might say that all this “new” is the change that was promised by politicians. It’s now happening, but is “new” better than “old?”… Not always and sometimes never.

Like sheep, people line up for hours to get “new” – new gadgets at electronic stores, new stuff at special mid-night sales, new coffee concoctions at Starbucks. The “new” draws them in like a magnet.

People have been brainwashed and manipulated to respond to “new” by acting in a certain way. Somebody told them the old wasn’t good enough anymore. Your old stuff, services, food you used to eat, your car and the drugs you used to take – they’re all old now. Maybe even your government or the government of some other country is now considered to be “old” and in need of replacement by a “new” one. Anything that is presented as new in the world has to be delivered properly, which means sold.

Every event is meticulously planned. Messages and names are carefully-crafted and backed up with slogans, relentless ads and promotion by politicians and celebrities. These types of people give the “new” it’s credibility. A new world event involves the total destruction of the old and implementation of the replacement. This could be the elimination of a regime that used to work just fine, but now needs changing. The reasons given for anything new are it’s “improved” and now the old stuff isn’t good anymore. It’s more “affordable” than the old. The old caused pollution. The old isn’t good enough anymore, the new is more effective; it’s better for your safety. It’s more efficient, or if you don’t get rid of the old, some outside threat will show up and ruin your life.

You must be convinced that the old is evil and no good anymore and you must believe the new is what will save you. It’s based on promises and not facts. The new must be taken and accepted on faith – that’s complete trust without any questioning. The new is always designed to control your life in all ways possible. A new gadget requires a new service, a new tax requires you to pay more money. Anything new costs you time, money or both.

We predict that many will get tired of anything new regardless of what it is and there will be a backlash. People will begin to lead an owner-less lifestyle. They won’t buy anything new. They won’t own anything. They will rent, trade, barter and go without if the choice is to buy new. New and improved is not always that.

QUESTION: Are people aware of the corner they’re being forced into the moment they buy something?

ANSWER: It’s all based in consumerism or consumption. If you believe that your old car is not good anymore and there’s a great sale going on during the 4th of July and it would be patriotic to buy an American car then you are being brainwashed to consume unnecessarily. The purchase of a new car would not only be costly, but you would end up giving your used car away and pay a lot of sales tax on your new car. The goal of new is to keep consumerism moving around the world and to keep people in perpetual debt.        

QUESTION: Ultimately, what will cause people to rent over owning?

ANSWER: They will rent their home rather than ever be locked into a mortgage again. This way they don’t have property taxes, maintenance, insurance costs, upgrades to the property and can get out in a month’s notice. People will even rent their furniture, they’ll buy used clothing that’s in great shape, they’ll trade services and products to avoid sales and income tax. People will be so tired of being controlled by the stuff they were talked into buying by relentless advertising that they will go the total opposite way and own and buy nothing.

QUESTION: When will this rejection of consumerism become the norm?

ANSWER: It will become a political movement, as corporations control governments now and pay to get their own elected. The only way you can stop this conflict of interest is to not consume. 

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That the middle class is disappearing and more people are now considered “poor.” This is a trend that will continue. 

QUESTION: You said that there will be a political backlash because the masses will no longer participate as the consumers that they were programmed to be. What will this look like?

ANSWER: People haven’t woken up to the fact that governments are told what to do by corporate cartels. The corporations are the biggest donors to political campaigns and once their own people get into political power, they owe them. Also, people move from job to job – they are now in the government, next in corporations. The CEO of an oil company becomes vice president. That’s how it works. The governments are controlled by corporations and the corporations’ goal is profits at any cost.

QUESTION: How do they get their profits?

ANSWER: By convincing you or forcing you to consume. And now, even if you don’t consume by not purchasing healthcare, you will pay a penalty to the government. A tax for not consuming as you were told to do. If everyone stopped consuming, profits disappear, and then corporations would disappear. Maybe then you would see a new government?

QUESTION: So what questions should people ask themselves before they consume anything or think they have to go out and buy something?

ANSWER: This Is the one I have already still good? Can it be fixed to work like new? By keeping the old, will it cost me more in the long run. Do I really need a new car, furniture, house, another vacation, another whatever if I already have one that’s working fine? Is this desire for new an addiction and not a choice? The way to break the addiction is by not consuming anything that’s not absolutely necessary. Try it for a month and see how much money you have left over. Ask yourself why you are buying anything. Are you buying it out of greed, envy or fear or peer pressure? Or, because somebody on TV told you it would be great to have. Start looking at advertising in a different way. It’s not just telling you about something new…it’s programming you to want it and desire it and justify buying it. 

QUESTION: Recap the most important points in your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is that when anybody approaches you with something new, ask them, “What’s wrong with the old one?”

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people are accepting new things, new policies, new taxes, and new laws all on blind faith and fear.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: A good experiment would be to turn off your TV for at least a month and stop exposing yourself to the relentless bombardment of brainwashing encouraging you to consume.

COMMENTARY: How many times have you found something in a drawer and asked yourself why you bought it? You can’t even remember using it. Now it’s old and out-of-date, technology has leap-frogged it and it’s worthless. You can’t even get anything for it on Ebay or Craigslist. You couldn’t afford it, but wanted it so badly you pulled out your credit card like a good consumer. Start keeping a log of how much you have paid for things that are now “old” and you replaced them with a similar, but “new” product that now requires you to continue to update it or it won’t work anymore. Look everywhere for the things you consumed and have replaced with “new” things. As you find these things, you can see how you were groomed to be that perfect consumer. You are easily influenced and brainwashed into consuming even though you may not need it. Once trained to consume, you can be sold anything…a new smartphone, a new car, a new law that limits your freedoms, or even going to war in another country because they need a “new” leader.



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