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  • Your intuition works in many ways
  • A dream is an intuitive message
  • Did you ever get chills when somebody said something
  • Or, do something well that you never had any knowledge of or training in before
  • All of these examples are intuitive communication

Everybody has intuition, but not everybody listens to it. Perhaps if you knew the many ways intuition works you would be more accepting of it. Your intuition works in many ways – you may have a flash of inspiration, something you’ve been thinking or worrying about for awhile. That vision of how you can solve your problem or see the answer just seems to appear – all of a sudden you see it clearly.

You could also have a dream. A dream is an intuitive message. It could be a predictive dream, a warning dream or a dream that helps you navigate your life in some specific way. It is based in intuitive communication.

Did you ever get chills when somebody said something or you heard something? That is also an intuitive communication or a hit. Did you ever experience something and then say, “I knew that” – you did know that and it came through your intuition.

Have you ever experienced something you thought happened before, some people call it deja vu. Deja vu is intuitive communication. How about having a flash of the future of a future event or thinking about calling someone and they called you. It’s your intuition picking up on their intention to call you.

A wonderful example of intuitive communication is being able to do something well that you never had any knowledge of or training in before. This is your intuition remembering and communicating the knowledge and information to you that’s been buried.

All of these examples are intuitive communication. Once you learn to do 3 things, which are; (1) Accept that you have it, and (2) Listen to it, an then (3) Act on it – can you make the most of it.


QUESTION: Is intuition ever wrong?

ANSWER: No, it tells you what the best information is at the time. It’s up to you to act on it in a timely manner. However, you could wait and postpone action and by the time you acted on the information it wasn’t good or relevant anymore. So, some people will say that their intuition is no good or gave them the wrong information.

QUESTION: What you’re saying is that intuition has a shelf life?

ANSWER: That’s correct. You can receive intuitive communication and not use it, wait too long and the information is stale and obsolete. If you get an intuitive message that says, “Don’t get on that plane” that’s an immediate action situation.

QUESTION: What’s the difference between intuition and psychic abilities?

ANSWER: Intuition is the “understandability” of things in the past, present and future without reasoning them out. An intuitive person can direct their intuition into many areas to counsel people on their life, health, relationships, their business or anything. A psychic usually sees and predicts the future. A psychic usually doesn’t have much to say about your past – you already know about your past. You want to know about your future, so you seek out a psychic. Neither is better than the other, but someone who is both intuitive and  psychic has a much broader read on a person than someone who just predicts the future.

QUESTION: What’s the difference between a person who has flashes of inspiration or one who sees the future?

ANSWER: The flash of the future could be a psychic hit, as just like we believe everyone is intuitive, everyone is also psychic. These are talents that can be developed, just like learning to play a musical instrument – the more you practice the better you get. Intuition goes much deeper into the remembering of things you forgot when you came here. Intuition can trigger things you know. Like the times you said, “I knew that, but I don’t remember how I knew that.” It’s good to be both, but we feel that intuition alone could take you a long way on your path.

QUESTION: What part of the person is activated when they communicate with their guides?

ANSWER: We deliver intuitive communication. We care about the person deeply and want to guide them. We can be intuitive about their past and how they got to the present. We can also be intuitive about their present questions and guide them into the future. When they step into their future we are there to provide those subtle nudges, hunches, flashes and signals in order to keep them on their conscious path.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That everyone is intuitive and psychic.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people seek answers outside of traditional means. The answers are always there and readily accessible through intuitive messages.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: The tough part – once you accept that you have intuition – is listening to it because your head gets in the way. You think too much, you want to think through decisions before you proceed. The next time you get an inspiration or and answer just pops into you head take it and run with it without second guessing it and see where it takes you.

CONCLUSION: When your intuition speaks – you not only need to listen, but act on it immediately. If you are a beginner who hears what your intuition is telling you and you don’t act on it, you will see opportunities pass you by over-and-over again. We’re sure you know what this is like. Those were all lessons and fall into the area of your training. Learning to act on your intuition is even better. Once you learn to do this your life becomes easier. You brought this ability with you when you came here and then you forgot about it. Developing it and letting it work for you will make your life more interesting and fulfilling.



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