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  • We see that people are concerned; they are worried
  • Many are getting more desperate by the day
  • A sixth-sense that allows you to make a decision
  • Intuition accesses information at the subconscious level
  • People have a difficult time listening to and believing in their intuition
  • People also have trouble with anything they don’t understand
  • Your “inner voice” keeps talking to you and annoying you
  • How can people start to listen to their intuition

We would like to help you learn how your intuition can help you cope with the times you are living in. We observe people all the time and we see that people are concerned; they are worried, they know something is not right but aren’t sure what it is. Some are scared; most are indecisive. Many are leery of everybody and everything. It seems that everyone is out to scam them or cheat them in some way or another.

Many are getting more desperate by the day. They don’t have any answers and aren’t even asking the right questions. Let’s start by explaining what your intuition is.

It can be explained as a sixth-sense that allows you to make a decision on something even if you don’t know anything about it. It’s called “hunches” or “gut feelings” and many times, these feelings are right.

Intuition accesses information at the subconscious level and brings it to the conscious level. Now, this is information you already knew, but you couldn’t recall it. So, your intuition does it for you.

But people have a difficult time listening to and believing in their intuition. Many things get in the way of intuitive communication. Repetitious thoughts are one of those things. People run the same thought programs over and over again in their minds until these thoughts become worries. We’ve said before that worrying is like praying for something you don’t want. Most things you worry about never ever happen. It’s the same as spending time going over your past mistakes and wondering how you’d do it differently if you had another chance. Another great waste of time.

People also have trouble with anything they don’t understand or can’t explain. People tend to make all their decisions on facts that they already know. But stop and think how you know these facts. First of all, you assume they are true facts. Many times, you don’t have any proof. These facts are rooted in your belief system and your beliefs are based on facts which may or may not be true. What if the facts are wrong? That is how your belief system gets flawed, or you develop over time a limiting belief system. If you already believe something, based on facts you believe are true, then why all the worry and trauma over making decisions?

What makes it difficult is that your “inner voice” keeps talking to you and annoying you with things you may not understand but do know to be true at a subconscious level. These intuitive communications are part of your new, expanded belief system. Once you act on them, that is what puts them into perspective. You listened and acted and now have a new belief or outcome. These intuitive communications are always remembered when you make a decision without listening to them and later that little voice from inside says, “I told you so,” or you tell yourself, “I knew that was the wrong thing to do, but I did it anyway.”

So, how can people start to listen to their intuition better? We would say start out small. Here’s a little experiment. People have great difficulty deciding what to order in a restaurant. If they are with a group of people, they become quite annoying when they cannot decide what to order and postpone their decision until they hear what everyone else ordered. Or, they have the waiter explain the specials again or ask a million questions about each menu item and still can’t decide. Try this the next time you are in a restaurant. Open the menu and order the first thing your attention is drawn to. Look at that first item and close the menu. You will be fine.


QUESTION: What’s making it so hard for people to listen to their intuition now that they need it more than ever?

ANSWER: The biggest problem is not that they don’t hear it, but that they don’t understand it or haven’t learned to trust it. It’s that niggling little voice inside that tries to warn them or let’s them know, after they’ve made a bad decision, that they were wrong. People always make decisions on facts and not from intuitive suggestions.

QUESTION: So, what can people do to help themselves make better decisions using their intuition rather than ignoring it?

ANSWER: If you hear it, start writing down what it says. You don’t even have to act on it until you are comfortable – just write it down. Keep a diary or a journal of everything your intuition tells you no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Then later, look back on all your entries to see if it happened or not. This is how you will start to trust what intuition is telling you.

QUESTION: This sounds just like what you do when you have a dream?

ANSWER: If you can remember your dreams it’s good to write them down before you get out of bed since every dream carries with it a message, a warning or a lesson.

QUESTION: What about that time just after you wake up and before you get out of bed when the thoughts of the day haven’t overtaken your consciousness. What about that window period of opportunity?

ANSWER: That’s a good time to remember your dreams and also a good time to tell yourself what you are thankful for. You have been given another day to live. So, what is it that you will do to make that day special? What is it that you can contribute that day to make the world better? Also, keep reminding yourself of what you are thankful for besides “just another day.”

QUESTION: Why don’t more people take advantage of these precious moments right after awakening before they get out of bed?

ANSWER: They tend do one of two things. They close their eyes and go back to sleep because they can’t face the day or reality. It’s too overwhelming for them. So, they “steal” some of it away by sleeping longer. Others jump out of bed because they believe they have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. They fill their lives with irrelevant things that do not contribute to making their lives or the world better. So, it’s good to have less to do but have a few things that have great meaning or impact on the world. If you don’t feel like getting up everyday, soon you will get your wish.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: Our message is that they now know how to order in a restaurant.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people are at a point when everything seems to get in the way of better decision-making.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: Make a decision to first listen to intuition, believe in the message that intuition delivers, and then learn to act on it.

CONCLUSION: Learning to make good decisions is something they didn’t teach you in school. In fact, if everybody made good decisions, people wouldn’t be as controllable. It’s the fact that people make repetitive bad decisions and suffer with the consequences of them that they are easily manipulated into not thinking for themselves. Somebody…TV ads, the government, their boss, their friends, their family, make decisions for them and tell them how to live. They are convinced that somebody else knows what’s best for them and they accept it. After all, look where their decisions have gotten them. They’ve repeated the same bad decisions or mistakes over and over again. They have the same types of non-loving relationships, dead-end jobs, the same poor health, a just-get-by standard of living, and victim attitude. They stay stuck even though intuition is telling them something is wrong. Break through all this – start listening, start believing, and start acting on your intuition.



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