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  • Displays of masterful manipulation of the people
  • Take the delegate votes away from Ron Paul and give them to Mitt Romney
  • Intention without a plan of action is worthless
  • Once the jobs are created people will pay taxes and spend money
  • Manipulation seems to be the art form that gets people and countries to do things

The event that completely distracted people lately was the Republican National Convention last week and the Democratic National Convention next week will be another. These 2 political events are displays of masterful manipulation of the people. These events, which are are like rock concerts for politicians are a showcase of empty promises and empty policies. Looking back on the Republican Convention you had Hollywood stars and “also ran” politicians get up an give glowing endorsements of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

You also saw the manipulation of delegate votes right in front of your eyes to take the delegate votes away from Ron Paul and give them to Mitt Romney. This is blatant manipulation, which people are becoming conditioned to accepting. You would think that with the economy and jobs being the things most on people’s minds, that a candidate running for President, either Republican or Democrat, would have something more than promises that they’re going to fix the jobs situation.

However, we have said before that intention without a plan of action is worthless. It’s like a child who tells their parents, “If you let me do that I promise to do something else.” Translated to modern day politics it comes out like, “If you elect me President then I promise to fix the jobs situation.” Empty promise manipulation is directed at people to get their vote and that’s where it stops. Wouldn’t you think that a person running for President of the United States, knowing that the economy and jobs are the 2 most pressing issues people have, be expected to have more than just a promise to offer? Shouldn’t they have a plan? Having a plan would be a great selling point, “When I’m elected here’s what I’m going to do, first I’ll do this, then I’ll do that and thirdly I’ll follow up with this until we have created jobs.”

Once the jobs are created people will pay taxes and spend money and help the economy recover. There hasn’t been any plans other than how to address the over-spending by taking more away from the citizens and not controlling the spenders. The upcoming Democratic Convention will be interesting. Will President Obama have a plan or just more promises like the last time? He did say the last time what he would do if elected and in the first few months did the opposite on everything he said. So much for saying you have plan. Saying you have a solution and then doing the opposite is just more manipulation to get elected.

Manipulation seems to be the art form that gets people and countries to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do like manipulating reports or numbers when you want to show a better outcome than actually occurred. What’s wrong with telling the truth? Wouldn’t people rather hear the truth and know where they stand?… or, would they rather be manipulated into thinking there’s something resembling a recovery happening? Sure, the manipulation is part of everyday life. It’s the advertising you hear, it’s the politicians you see campaigning, even your children are experts at manipulation. Your boss will manipulate you to do better with the promise of something down the road – well, eventually, down the road happens and people see that nothing has changed. In fact, things have gotten worse. Now, people feel cheated because they were manipulated. Countries manipulate the facts in order to go to war. Corporations manipulate pricing on things like oil to make more profits. Everywhere you look you should look for manipulation versus anything factual. If you are not careful you will be manipulated right into chaos.


QUESTION: Why are people more willing to be manipulated rather than hearing the truth?

ANSWER: People can be manipulated into feeling good. The truth, however, doesn’t always make you feel good. Many times the truth requires you to do something. You must change. Or, you must adapt to a new situation or environment. Most of the time people are manipulated, told that it’s for their own good, and they believe it. Recently two schools in Texas made the students carry ID cards with RFID chips implanted. They were to keep those cards on their person at all times, not just while on school property. The students were told it was to be able to find out where they were at all times, under the guise of curbing truancy. What wasn’t mentioned is that the school system, if they could curb truancy, stood to receive millions of dollars in government funding.

QUESTION: How is it that Mitt Romney was selected to run as the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party?

ANSWER: Mitt Romney is Wall Street’s boy. He is the new and improved version of Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street is totally controlled by Wall Street financial interests. Ron Paul, although he was popular with the people and stood for what the people wanted, was not Wall Street’s choice. This is the manipulation of candidacy for installing a President that can be controlled by the financial elite.

QUESTION: What else is going on right now behind the scenes?

ANSWER: People were shocked to see Blackhawk helicopters and military exercises going on in Minnesota. You will see more of this in large cities. It is the beginning of the manipulation of people’s acceptance of the fact that the military will be taking over the cities when civil unrest occurs.

QUESTION: What else do you see coming?

ANSWER: We see the manipulation of citizens into giving up their health care insurance through their employer and agreeing to purchase it from the government. They will be told it’s a better situation and then learn they get less for more money. Also, the world will be manipulated into another war in the Middle East.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: When you hear a politician speaking ask yourself, “Is what they are saying a promise or a plan?” Only one is worthwhile.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people will get a chance to see the Democratic Party make all their promises without any plans this coming week.

QUESTION: How can readers best way to apply this information to their life right now?

ANSWER: People will have to become much more aware of when they are being manipulated. Ask yourself when you hear a politician speak if what they are saying is actually good for you, or is it good for a corporation or a group of corporations, or for the government and not for the people.

CONCLUSION: It’s jobs that would fix everything, but not if the job only pays $7 to $14 an hour, which is now 58 percent of the jobs being created in America with no benefits. Real jobs are not being created. The jobs that still pay well are financial jobs on Wall Street, not manufacturing jobs only jobs that manufacture financial schemes and scams to steal more money from the people. Wall Streeters are the master manipulators and when their manipulations go awry, they get bailed out by the politicians they paid to get elected. So, which manipulator is going to help you? Republican or Democrat? If you feel like you’re stranded out there forced to figure it out on your own, you are right. Don’t expect the captains of the corporate or government ships – the master manipulators – to be going down with the ship. They already have their life jackets on and are drilling holes in your lifeboat. 



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