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  • Let go and open up to new things
  • People talk about their inner voice that speaks to them
  • The higher-self has a goal for you
  • Most powerful is when your higher-self speaks to you through imagery
  • Higher intelligence always speaks the truth
  • Change and let go of these filters
  • At these higher levels of communication people tend to doubt

People talk a lot about getting in touch with their higher-self or higher intelligence or listening more to their intuition. However, people don’t really understand what it is. It’s not like picking up the phone and dialing your higher-self and having it answer at the other end. If you want to relate your higher-self or higher intelligence to technology it’s more like higher intelligence sending you information, like getting a fax. You are the receiver of the information. Higher intelligence would tell you that it’s a combination of messaging to allow you to let go and open up to new things. In fact, this “letting go” and “opening up” can be one and the same. In order to let go you first have to be “hanging on.” You are hanging on to old beliefs, old habits, old patterns of thinking and decision making. Once you let go of them you open yourself up to new things. The process is not 2 separate actions – you let go and you open up at the same time.

People talk about their inner voice that speaks to them. This voice coming from their higher-self or higher intelligence does speak gently, but when you begin to listen you realize that it’s with authority, but gentleness.

The higher-self has a goal for you. This intention that it has is for you to heal your life and this healing is done through relationships. Your relationship to yourself first and then to everyone else and everything else.

Most powerful is when your higher-self speaks to you through imagery. This is mostly done through dreams. People say, “I had the craziest dream,” or “The most interesting or bizarre dream and I don’t understand it.” These dreams are images coming from your higher-self and always contain a message or a lesson. You must listen to these messages and not have it be like getting a letter in the mail that you ignore and never open.

Higher intelligence always speaks the truth although you may not believe it. You don’t have to believe anything. That’s the beauty of free-will. However, we would tell you that just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true. The messages and images that higher intelligence sends are important because you either accept them like they are or you filter them.

Look at your physical self-existence. Your relationships, your life situation – all of it is the outward life manifestation of information from higher intelligence that you filtered through your ego. Change and let go of these filters you have in place and your outward life existence changes with it. What’s going on at anytime in your life is only the outward manifestation of the higher intelligence message being filtered one way or another.

At these higher levels of communication people tend to doubt what they are experiencing because it is many times far outside their present scope of reality. But what is reality other than your projections of beliefs, and thoughts and feelings? So, we encourage you to simplify it, accept it, let go and open up.

QUESTION: Why is it so hard for people to hear the messages coming to them from their higher-self?

ANSWER: Most authority figures in your life have shouted at you or reprimanded you. Your parents, your teachers – anyone in the position of authority believes they must shout and be forceful in order to get their point across and control you. Higher intelligence speaks gently, but the more you listen the more you understand it speaks with authority – real authority. The opposite of what you experience in everyday life or listening to the TV.

QUESTION: What can we do to enhance people’s ability to hear what their higher-self is telling them?

ANSWER: You are already doing it by including sessions on Higher Intelligence & Intuition and Personal Development & Improvement. People always seem to be able to give advice to someone else on how to improve, but when it comes to improving themselves they are at a loss. The self help section at the bookstore isn’t going to help much either.  

QUESTION: What do people need to do to rein in their ego so they can begin to hear what their higher-self is telling them?

ANSWER: First, acknowledge that the information is always coming through. You can’t stop it. You can ignore it and not listen or not believe what you’re hearing, but it isn’t going to stop coming through. Ego and filtering information through the ego is what produces your experience, your self-existence in life. If you don’t think you make enough money then there’s a filter or a blockage in listening to the information coming through regarding abundance. You may use a filter that tells yourself you are not smart enough or you don’t have enough of whatever it is to make the money you desire. Once you identify these blockages or filters, then you can let them go and open up to new experiences and abundance.  

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That we are never going to shout in order to get your attention. 

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people receive most of their information input from sources that scream at them, like the television when advertisements are louder than anything else. Or, when your kid or a friend yells at you and gets insistent and forceful – these are all examples of the wrong type of communication and need to be addressed differently.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: When someone shouts at you, respond in a soft, gentle tone of voice and look them directly in the eyes. See what happens to their communication style. 

COMMENTARY:  Your fear of being alone is equal to your fear of letting go. People are afraid to let go of bad relationships, or a lousy job, or fake friends because they’re afraid of the unknown. The biggest test of the “unknown” will be when you die. Life is about mastery. If you willingly accept this and realize that some of your challenges will be more challenging than others, you will be equipped to meet these challenges by removing the filters of the ego and experience who you really are. The sooner you face yourself and overcome the many challenges you came here to experience, the sooner you will begin to live life fully. When it’s time for you to leave this place you will do so in perfect mastery.



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