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  • Katrina-like emergency response
  • Great pressure and anger from the community
  • Runners would have started their race just blocks away from all the devastation in Staten Island
  • How do you get people to correct their priorities?

When it comes to events, people have lost their sense of priorities. With Katrina-like emergency response the residents of Staten Island and parts of Queens still don’t have electricity, plumbing, fresh drinking water and enough food and clothing. Emergency response has failed to address these people in favor of other neighborhoods that were not even devastated as much.

Under great pressure and anger from the community the City of New York directed resources at things like preparing the New York City Marathon. That is, until the Mayor and the leaders of the marathon buckled to the pressure and the marathon was cancelled at the last minute. With thousands of people stranded and suffering nearby the city redirected resources to emptying water out of tunnels so runners would have a dry tunnel to run through. Hotels held thousands and thousands of rooms for the runners and their families coming in from all over the country instead of for people who lost their homes in other boroughs. The city put huge generators in place to power up the press tents while people nearby suffered without electricity or gasoline – all while the weather was getting colder at night.

While things were getting worse there’s nothing like a major sporting event to keep people distracted from what’s really going on. The Romans did it and the Mayor of New York is still doing it. The Romans gave the people free sporting events and bread. This took their minds off of all the tragic things happening in the republic. Tens of thousands of disappointed runners would have started their race just blocks away from all the devastation in Staten Island.

How do you get people to correct their priorities? Whether it’s a world event, national event or an event in your personal life you must look at which events are important and urgent. You have to prioritize the events, as priorities drive the choices you make and choices determine the actions you take. Sometimes you have to abandon the important events and things to concentrate on the urgent and vital events. Those tens of thousands of runners should have seen this – it should have been obvious to everyone. Since they spent all that money to get to New York and the race was cancelled, they could have directed their energy and effort to helping the people in need.


QUESTION: People knew about the storm long before they traveled to New York to run in or attend the marathon. What does this say about these people?
ANSWER: That their agenda was selfish. They were there to get something for themselves no matter what – nothing would get in the way. However, once the race was cancelled they felt cheated out of something. However, they didn’t realize that once they flew home to where ever they came from their home would still be there with running water and electricity. It hadn’t been destroyed by the storm or fires. You see, life never has any mistakes; since thousands of runners were there they had the choice to do something to help people in need. Their choices and sense of priorities needs recalibrating.    

QUESTION: What’s the message in how this response was handled?

ANSWER: The message is that if you are rich and live in the best part of a city you can’t be inconvenienced by a massive storm – you have to be able to have your races and the stock market open and the expensive stores open so your life is not disrupted. People who are blue-collar working class people are at the bottom of the list to get help just like it was after Katrina. It’s people’s sense of priorities and their lack of compassion for their fellow man that makes their decisions flawed. 

QUESTION: Apparently the highest exposure in an emergency event is on the working class people. What is your recommendation to these people so they can be better prepared next time?

ANSWER: We predicted about 3 years ago that people living along the East Coast should move. That coastal region properties are at high risk. Some moved, most stayed thinking that it could never happen to them. Hurricanes are something that happen down south “over there.” It’s the mentality of problems happening “over there somewhere else” that keeps people unprepared. So, now we will repeat what we said before – move inland away from the shore. Move to higher ground – a minimum of 1,000 above sea level. Grow a garden. Have a well or store water. Get out of the big urban areas. This advice is for the safety and well being of you and your family.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That just because you were never hit by a hurricane doesn’t mean it won’t happen.   

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely now as 20 states were effected by the recent storm and we predict that the next event will occur on the West Coast soon.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Heed the warnings we have provided and take the necessary actions in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.   

COMMENTARY:  Compassion in this world has been replaced with a selfish and desperate need to get what we want no matter what. Imagine knowing that the community you will soon arrive at will be totally devastated just hours before you get there and your only concerns are winning a race, having everything you need when you get there without disruption, and turning a blind eye to the suffering just blocks away. Do you think you could do this? It doesn’t even make sense. All for a sporting event? Thinking this way clouds your judgment when it comes to being of service to your fellow man. It’s also a dangerous and irresponsible to base your life in an environment prone to destruction, risking the lives of your family. Take “Higher Intelligence’s” advice – move away from the coastlines and relocate to higher ground.



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