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  • No, the world didn’t end and we see your challenge as fixing what is left of this world
  • This new awakening brings with it the knowledge that you are powerful
  • All that’s left in the world that matters is love
  • You are the creator of what goes on in the universe
This is the tenth of fourteen CR News Reports© sessions for December. Each December we give our predictions for the coming year. In this session, we will give you our predictions for Higher Intelligence & Intuition.

No, the world didn’t end and we see your challenge as fixing what is left of this world. First, you must decide that it’s a great time to be here on this planet and that it’s not the end, but a beginning. It is the beginning of a time of new consciousness and awareness of an awakening to new ways of looking at not only yourself, but the world.

This new awakening brings with it the knowledge that you are powerful as an individual. You are in charge of the thoughts and feelings that become your words and actions. You must become accustomed to the realization that you are the creator of your thoughts and feelings regardless of where the input for them came from. 

Your thoughts and feelings which lead to words and actions are created from 2 things; love or the absence of it – hate. Both of these radiate outward, influencing and affecting others, and others beyond them, and more beyond them. What happens is that your thoughts,  feelings, words and actions radiate out into the entire world and universe and everyone is affected.  All that’s left in the world that matters is love.

All there was at the beginning and all that is now – is love. So, when you radiate out loving thoughts and feelings, this energy goes out into the entire universe and eventually makes its way back to you. If you send out energy and intentions that are not based in love but in hatred, that also comes back to you eventually. This is what karma is all about. It may take some time, but it will be redirected at you. So, as you go through this unfolding awakening you must be conscious of the fact that you are the creator of what goes on in the universe.


QUESTION: Just exactly what is this “shift” that’s going on today on December 21, 2012?

ANSWER: The “shift” started a few years ago and people have felt that something is happening that is changing the world and the people in it. Now there was no end to anything today except maybe the end of a beginning. Now we’re in the middle of it and it’s picking up speed. It will become easier for people to be open to a new way of thinking about feelings and beliefs. It’s these beliefs that have made them think the same way for years; to say the same things for years. See where that has gotten humanity? It’s great news that the earth needs a change. The earth knows it and has been in the process of change for several years. All those noises and booms and unexpected things people have observed is just the earth changing and adapting, showing us that we too need to learn to be more in tune with nature and the universe and more open in our thinking so we don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made for decades.

QUESTION: How will people have to change or adapt to keep up with this great awakening and the shift?

ANSWER: People will first have to be more open to “listening to listen” and not “listening to respond” with their opinions that they have held for a long time. People will have to learn that everybody thinks a little differently than they do. It’s rare to find 2 people who think exactly alike. These new thoughts and feelings will create new words and actions, and therefore new habits of how people interact with each other. It’s people’s habits that determine people’s destiny, good or bad. With this new awakening, people will see how they’ve been stuck in the past and on a path to a destiny that would have destroyed them.

QUESTION: Why haven’t people gone through this awakening / shift before now?

ANSWER: People were not ready. They took to much for granted and allowed others to do their thinking for them. First, it was your parents when you were young, and then your teachers, and then the military or your boss at work. Everyone is telling you what to do, how to do it, and what to think. You were happier when you were a small child and did what you felt like doing and adults around you just smiled and thought you were cute. You were just being you. Once you weren’t cute anymore doing whatever you felt like doing, you started to lose you and become them. Everybody went through the same process of losing their identity, power and beauty along the way. Things like your education, or a job got in the way of your talent blossoming. Eventually, without watering and nutrients being spread on your soul and talents, this beautiful thing withered and dried up. It is now your chance during this new awakening and shift to water that beautiful plant, that seed inside you that is your creative core and become the person you were sent here to be at this time.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That everything you think and feel becomes what you say and do.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: Because now, despite the world not ending, you have a new beginning from this day forward. This information couldn’t be more timely or important.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: First, after you listen – stop before you speak. Think about the filters you are running information through that corrupt that information, or bend the truth. Try acting, thinking or feeling only from a position of love and compassion no matter how you’ve responded or acted in the past.  If you can master this, everyone you touch will be moved and then they can change. Once they change, then everyone they touch can also change. This continues until the entire universe has heard and felt what you started.

COMMENTARY: Today… December 21, 2012 deserves to be observed as a great opportunity to be more alive and observant. By observing ourselves the best thing we can all do is to “know less.” Here’s a quote from our Higher Intelligence Source that came through one of these sessions years ago that seems to be appropriate right now, “What you don’t know fills the infinite universe. What you do know only fills your mind.” It’s a lot more interesting and fun to be open and listen to what is being said, especially when no one else is around. It’s sometimes called “listening to the silence.” It’s when you are alone and quiet that great ideas and advice are free to travel through to you. Just when you needed it most and didn’t expect it.



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