CR News Reports© -  Predictions For 2013 - WORLD EVENTSPredictions For 2013 – World Events … December 3, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

  • These events will be reported with the intention of scaring people
  • Here’s our first prediction and it’s on the global economic situation
  • Going through 2013 and beyond, governments won’t be able to repay their debt
  • We also predict increased solar activity
  • The U.S. dollar will continue to be devalued on purpose
  • Our next prediction has to do with UFO’s
  • Our next prediction is more like an observation
  • We predict that coastlines everywhere will become dangerous places to live
  • The solution for these scary world events that will come to pass is as follows

This is the first CR News Reports© session for December. Each December we give our predictions for the coming year. In this session, we will give you our predictions for World Events. 

World Events are exactly that – events that affect the world. So, we see world events that will seem out of your control and possibly frightening. These events will be reported with the intention of scaring people. There will be terms made up to deliver an air of tragedy and unknown consequences like the term “fiscal cliff” that has everyone scared. These terms are made up so people get scared enough and feel helpless enough that they do something or give up something. Mostly they give up their money or their freedoms. With that in mind, be aware of how world events are reported and what the words they use are trying to get you to do. 

Here’s our first prediction and it’s on the global economic situation. We see it getting worse, first in Europe where Spain will be the focus of a country that must be saved at any cost. Spain will turn out to be in worse shape than Greece. Saving Spain will be all over the daily news early in the year.

Going through 2013 and beyond, governments won’t be able to repay their debt. We see some kind of debt reset occurring for insolvent countries. The solution to a country’s debt problem is not to give them more debt and impose more austerity measures on the people. 

We also predict increased solar activity causing weather disturbances, crop disturbance and communication disturbances. People will be shocked to find out how much they rely on the communication infrastructure to do business and exist.

The U.S. dollar will continue to be devalued on purpose. We predict that this is setting up the scenario for a worldwide currency to take over down the road. 

Our next prediction has to do with UFO’s. We predict many more sightings in 2013 along with the disclosure that extra-terrestrials have been among us for many decades and have influenced many of the technological advances that we have seen and incorporated into our daily lives. Governments will be more open to talking about UFO’s, their presence, and the intelligence behind them from other galaxies.

Our next prediction is more like an observation. Over the past few decades there has been a rush to build many underground bunkers and shelters. Recently, Russia has built 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters…or that’s what they’ve  claimed them to be. Also, countries have built new subway systems deeper in the ground than before. We predict that all this underground  construction has been built for people to house survivors, not of a nuclear bombing, but of  some other type of disaster that forces people to go underground for a period of time. Governments have been aware of this threat for a long time. 

Along with the increase in heavy storms, we predict that coastlines everywhere will become dangerous places to live. The term “coastal refugees” will be the label put on people forced to leave the coasts and never return.

The solution for these scary world events that will come to pass is as follows. You know that they are out of your control on the big scale, but on a personal level, you must learn to accept these new occurrences along with new ideas that will be implemented. People must also learn to be sorry for their past actions and anything they did to contribute to the fragile state of the world that we now find it in. Lastly, you must surround yourself with supportive people that you connect with on multiple levels. It’s these connections that will help you make it through any tough times that world events bring.


QUESTION: So, what are people going to have to do to recalibrate themselves for the coming year?

ANSWER: First we are happy to report that the world will not end this month as many had been fearful of. That we are in a transition of consciousness and awareness of what’s going on in the world and what is necessary to do in order to adapt. So, people first must tell themselves that they have no control over a world event that affects the entire world like a solar eruption. But being prepared is what they must do first. Be prepared with food and water, batteries and necessities that would carry them through a disaster of any kind. Also, be prepared to be mobile on a moment’s notice if you live on any coastal areas.

QUESTION: Can you tell us more about the solar eruptions or storms that will affect communication and weather?

ANSWER: Solar eruption activity has been increasing over the past few years and many believe that in 2013 it will come to a peak. We see several solar eruptions coming that would affect weather and possibly the stronger ones affecting a power grid or communications networks. People will again realize how much they depend on the one thing that could bring any country to its knees and that’s the electrical grid being taken down. How long would it be down? It could be down a long time depending on what country is down, how many people are affected…look how long it took for power to be restored after hurricane Sandy. 

QUESTION: Why will there be more UFO sightings and disclosure coming in 2013?

ANSWER: The disclosure will be forced because of the large increase in sightings. People will be scared by the sightings and governments will come out and tell people that these UFO’s have been here for decades and  are now allowing themselves to be seen more often during this consciousness shift. They are not to be feared and the disclosure will come out about how much these extra-terrestrials have helped us in the past.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That readers should understand that the way world events are reported in the news is to keep them scared and off-guard.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because we are in the middle of a few of these world events. For example, the global economic crisis and the U.S. dollar devaluation and the fact there has been recent weather disasters. People need to look at these events and see how they are being responded to as in the case of Sandy. Start planning for what could happen if there was a worldwide global event or crash.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: The best thing to do is to learn how to interpret the news when you hear it. Especially about an event that affects the world.


COMMENTARY: If people would only stop panicking when they hear the news. Once you realize that news is reported in a way to make you panic, then you begin to see through the facade and agenda of the “man behind the curtain.” News is sensationalism delivered the exact same way no matter what station you listen to. Some stations have a different political bent on it, but the news story is still the same. For example, the news says the President is golfing today. One station will comment that he’s out wasting the taxpayer’s money again and getting nothing done. Another will comment that he’s just been through a very stressful re-election campaign and deserves to take a break and relax. Same story, different take. Another example would be that terrorists blew up a bus in a crowded market area. The story, no matter what the slant is politically, religiously, or socially, is designed to frighten you into thinking that you could be blown up by terrorists while you are shopping. It’s designed to scare you into allowing more security being put up in shopping areas. Perhaps, metal detectors at the entrance to the mall. Or, maybe even having the TSA search everyone or scan you with radiation as you enter a shopping mall. People who are scared will allow themselves to be humiliated and anything done to them if they think it will keep those nasty terrorist boogie men away from fine stores everywhere. The news can’t even predict what the weather will be like next week. How can you trust them to predict where terrorists will show up?



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